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Abdul Rimaaz Google Ads strategy that increased the conversion rate

The Google Ads strategy that increased the conversion rate by more than 197%

Digital marketing plan created by Abdul Rimaaz Digital maximized the conversion rate of an occupational health company, reducing costs in attracting new customers Companies and businesses in the most varied segments seek to increase their conversion rate, since the higher it is, the greater the opportunities to obtain sales. It is through this metric that...

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Abdul Rimaaz good results in digital marketing

How to optimize your company’s website for good results in digital marketing

Optimizing your site is a crucial success factor in SEO and digital marketing for companies that want to reap good results in 2021. If you are looking for the best SEO results, it’s time to focus on more effective backlinks . Focus on factors to create a stronger semantic connection between your authority and relevance....

Abdul Rimaaz strategic business consulting

What is the goal of strategic business consulting?

What does strategic consulting mean? What benefits does it bring for business? The role of strategic consulting is to provide advice to companies to create value on a sustained basis. Strategic consulting will allow you to define the strategic course of the business and align the efforts of the different areas of the company to...

Abdul Rimaaz digital media plan

Learn how to make an efficient digital media plan here

The elaboration of your company’s digital media plan is one of the most important steps in the development of your company’s marketing strategy. After all, it is necessary to go beyond simply thinking about the actions that will be developed and defining their characteristics. This process involves a number of other decisive factors. Only then...


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