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6 Things That Make Your MacBook Slow and How to Fix It

Do you feel your Macbook Repair sluggish? Does it take a long time to perform simple tasks and end up causing more frustration than satisfaction?

It’s really bad when that happens, isn’t it? You want to get your machine back up to speed, but you wouldn’t want to send it in for service as you can’t do without it for a long time.

Have a solution for this? Yes he has! There are a few reasons why your MacBook is slow, and below we’ll teach you how you can fix them yourself without needing technical assistance.

To find out more, keep reading!

  1. Your desktop can slow down your MacBook

There are two types of people: those who keep the Dashboard clean and organized and those who use the desktop as a repository for all sorts of files and folders.

If you’re the second type, you can slow down your MacBook because of this.

The amount of items in the Dashboard influences MacBook performance by the way macOS is programmed. Trying to explain it superficially, each of the icons on the desktop is like an active window that the system has to render and process.

If it’s too many icons, then the MacBook has to handle multiple processes at the same time and can’t handle its normal usage.

How to solve this? The answer here is quite simple: clean your Dashboard. Those files or apps that are no longer useful should go to the trash, while the others are organized into folders and moved elsewhere.

  1. Your HD may be full or almost full -Macbook Repair

Do you have a lot of photos, movies, apps and other types of files on your MacBook? If yes, maybe that’s the reason your machine is slow.

In fact, this is perhaps the most common reason for a slow MacBook: the hard drive is full or very close to it.

Think of your MacBook ‘s hard drive as a packhorse’s saddle. The more weight he has to carry, the slower he will walk. If you can lighten the weight a little, then your machine will return to its former performance.

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How to solve this? The solution is to take a day off to comb through your files. Take a look at what really needs to stay on your MacBook and what can be stored elsewhere.

Photos, videos and the like can go to a microSD or an external HD, for example.

  1. You may have programs running in the background

Typically, there is a limit to the number of tasks a Macbook Repair can perform at the same time, depending on the machine’s configuration.

If the computer has many tasks running in the background, it will be more limited in executing user commands, which translates into a slower machine. In other words: you ask him to open an application, for example, and it takes a long time because he has no space in his processing capacity.

How to solve this? You need to find out which apps are running in the background to disable them and thus free up space for your MacBook to handle other tasks.

To do this, enter the Applications folder and then the Utilities folder. There, select Activity Monitor.

This application will display a list of the programs that are currently running on your MacBook. Click the Memory tab at the top and then the Memory column to sort applications according to their RAM usage (the higher the number, the more memory used).

To disable an application, click on it in the list and then on the gray “X” at the top of the Activity Monitor screen. But be careful : don’t disable anything you don’t know! To learn more about Activity Monitor, read this Apple tutorial .

  1. Your machine may have an Outdated macOS

A MacBook needs an operating system to function. Every year, Apple releases new versions of macOS, which are more modern, developed and with new functions.

Older operating systems tend to run slower over the years. That’s why new ones are released every year. If you feel your MacBook is sluggish, it could be because of the operating system that is out of date.

How to solve this? The solution is also simple: just update your macOS. The update is free and can be done directly on the Apple website , which has all the instructions on how to proceed.

  1. Your MacBook may have too many languages ​​installed

Can you speak Albanian? Or perhaps Swahili? If not, maybe you don’t need to have these language packs installed on your MacBook, do you?

Normally, when we download any application, it is possible that it will install a series of language packs on the MacBook, to ensure that any user, from anywhere in the world, can use the program.

This adds several gigs of data to your MacBook’s hard drive, which slows it down (as we’ve seen before).

How to solve this? To delete language packs you don’t use, download the Monolingual app. It will remove any language you don’t want on your MacBook, freeing up a few gigs of storage on your machine.

  1. You should shut down your MacBook more often

When you’re done using your MacBook, do you turn it off? If not, that could be what slows you down.

This is a common habit for many people. Instead of turning off the computer completely, it just turns off the screen and goes to do something else, leaving the machine on all the time. Incidentally, it is not only common with MacBook users, but other types of computers as well.


The problem is that this habit makes the computer slower. Since it never shuts down, the MacBook doesn’t have time to kill the processes that consume its memory frequently. As a result, the amount of cached data accumulates and it slows down.

How to solve this? Simply turn off your MacBook more often. If turning off and on every day is a problem for you, try to do it at least every other day. You will notice a performance boost if you adopt this habit.

As you can see, there are several problems that slow down a MacBook. Fortunately, many of them have simple solutions that you can do yourself to get a machine with great performance again. If after that your machine is still slow, take it to the technical assistance.

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