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COVID-19: use digital marketing for your business

Anyone who works or invests in digital marketing knows that things change from one moment to the next: algorithms, trends, new social networks… But the fact is that a scenario has never changed as quickly as in these last few weeks, since COVID-19 became a pandemic.

As relationships become more virtual than ever, schools close and governments react, most people find themselves trapped in their homes to prevent and prevent the spread of the new coronavirus.

Many small and medium-sized businesses have responded by reducing or suspending operations and are already feeling the effects of this issue – especially those that have left the digital transformation behind and now need to speed up the process amid the pandemic caused by COVID-19.

With the change in consumer behavior, companies need to adapt and review their way of doing business and relating to their public.

The great proof of this is that COVID-19 affected the results of Google Ads for different sectors – and the results are unprecedented. Some industries were well prepared for the market to change, but many were not.

If your company is part of the team that has not yet adopted the digital transformation and still makes little or no investment in digital marketing, the time to change this situation is now.

So read on and find out how to do that.

Digital Marketing: essential

While it is imperative to provide an excellent customer service experience and options for e-commerce, aligning sales and marketing teams to successfully run virtual events and attract more engagement will make a difference in maintaining your company’s operations.

It is necessary to strengthen (or implement) your digital presence as soon as possible, in order to reach this audience that is in the home office – but with an active routine within their duties in the company where they operate.

Many organizations are doing their utmost to ensure the operation of their operations in the best possible way – and if your company’s area of ​​activity maintains its demand, you need to be active at this point. If the demand is on stand by, it is necessary to maintain the relationship, in order to resume the cycle when this wave passes (and believe me: it will pass). How to do this? See the next topic.

How can digital marketing help you reach your most relevant target audience?

The moment calls for urgency: it’s time to analyze your digital assets and adjust them to offer the best options and opportunities – both for your customers and for your company.

  • Site content : make sure it is properly updated, so as to offer value to your industry and to those who fit your ideal customer profile;
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) : analyze your current site’s organic search rankings. Make a correlation with your competitors. Optimize for search engines to improve the quality and quantity of your web traffic as soon as possible;
  • Content marketing: generate ideas for new blog posts, explore formats like videos and Instagram Stories and start writing the next newsletter to shoot via email to your customers. Create digital marketing actions that can be part of social conversations and are easily shareable;
  • Press releases and articles : create topics over which your company has authority over the topic, in order to inform the media and your customers – for example, measures in place to combat the current situation within your segment, what your company and others the sector are doing to combat COVID-19, among others;
  • Social media engagement: Explore social and search channels like Facebook, Instagram , Google Adwords, LinkedIn and creating strategies to improve engagement.

What is the right budget to invest in digital marketing now?

If you intend to start on your own, the tip is to start little by little. Experiment a lot, optimize, analyze and plan your next step. Whatever your budget, you should always be able to extract value from it.

Right now, you can’t waste time – let alone money. Therefore, having the support of a digital marketing agency can be the most economically efficient way of obtaining effective results without waste.

Do digital marketing experts make a difference in times of crisis?

Survival matters more than dominating the market right now. Therefore, your efforts must be focused on your business: ensuring the maintenance of operations with the least possible impact, focusing on strategic decisions that guarantee the smooth functioning of not only your company, but the entire segment, supporting other companies in the best way possible and take all necessary measures to get out of this crisis stronger than ever.

Specialists like Abdul Rimaaz can work with your company, taking care of your digital marketing more effectively and assertively. Find out how it works: ask for an evaluation of your current strategy today!

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