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Best Peking Duck in Houston Texas

Discover the Best Peking Duck in Houston Texas: A Culinary Journey

Houston, Texas, is known for its diverse culinary scene, offering flavors from around the globe. Among the myriad of international cuisines, Chinese food holds a special place in the hearts of many Houstonians. One dish that stands out is the Peking Duck, a classic Chinese delicacy renowned for its crispy skin and succulent meat. If you’re on the hunt for the best Peking Duck in Houston, Texas, you’re in for a treat. This blog will guide you through the top spots where you can indulge in this culinary delight.

The Art of Peking Duck

Peking Duck has a rich history dating back to the Yuan Dynasty in China. This dish involves a meticulous preparation process that includes air-drying the duck, coating it with a maltose syrup, and roasting it to perfection. The result is a beautifully crisp skin that contrasts with the tender meat inside. Traditionally, Peking Duck is served with thin pancakes, hoisin sauce, and sliced green onions, allowing diners to create their own savory wraps.

Top Restaurants for Peking Duck in Houston

  1. Peking Cuisine Restaurant

Located in the heart of Chinatown, Peking Cuisine Restaurant is a go-to spot for authentic Chinese dishes. Their Peking Duck is a crowd favorite, praised for its perfectly crisp skin and flavorful meat. The restaurant follows traditional preparation methods, ensuring an authentic taste. Don’t miss their elaborate presentation, where the duck is carved tableside, adding to the dining experience.

  1. Arco Seafood Restaurant

While primarily known for its seafood, Arco Seafood Restaurant also excels in serving Peking Duck. The chefs here have mastered the art of roasting the duck to achieve the ideal balance of crispy skin and juicy meat. Arco Seafood offers a cozy ambiance, making it a great place for family gatherings or special occasions.

  1. Duck House Chinese Restaurant

Duck House Chinese Restaurant is another excellent choice for Peking Duck enthusiasts. This restaurant is dedicated to perfecting the dish, and their commitment shows in every bite. The Peking Duck here is marinated with a blend of traditional spices and roasted to golden perfection. Duck House also offers a variety of other Chinese delicacies, making it a versatile dining destination.

  1. Fung’s Kitchen

Fung’s Kitchen is a well-established name in Houston’s Chinese dining scene. Known for its dim sum and extensive menu, Fung’s Kitchen also boasts an exceptional Peking Duck. The duck is roasted using a traditional oven, ensuring a crispy skin and moist meat. The restaurant’s elegant setting and attentive service add to the overall dining experience.

  1. Peking Duck Restaurant

As the name suggests, Peking Duck Restaurant specializes in this iconic dish. Located in the Bellaire area, this restaurant prides itself on delivering an authentic Peking Duck experience. The chefs use time-honored techniques to prepare the duck, resulting in a dish that is both visually appealing and delicious. The restaurant’s friendly atmosphere makes it a great spot for both casual dinners and celebrations.

What Makes a Great Peking Duck?

When searching for the best Peking Duck in Houston, there are a few key elements to consider:

  • Crispy Skin: The hallmark of a great Peking Duck is its crispy, golden-brown skin. The duck should be roasted to perfection, with a satisfying crunch in every bite.
  • Tender Meat: Beneath the crispy skin, the meat should be tender and flavorful. The roasting process should ensure that the meat remains juicy and succulent.
  • Authentic Accompaniments: Traditional Peking Duck is served with thin pancakes, hoisin sauce, and green onions. These accompaniments should complement the duck, allowing diners to create balanced and delicious wraps.
  • Presentation: The presentation of the duck can enhance the dining experience. Many restaurants carve the duck tableside, showcasing their culinary skills and adding an element of entertainment to the meal.

Tips for Enjoying Peking Duck

  • Make a Reservation: Peking Duck is a popular dish, and many restaurants require advance notice to prepare it. Making a reservation ensures that you won’t miss out on this delectable treat.
  • Try the Wraps: Don’t be shy about creating your own wraps using the provided pancakes, hoisin sauce, and green onions. The combination of flavors and textures is a key part of the Peking Duck experience.
  • Explore Side Dishes: While Peking Duck is the star of the show, many restaurants offer a variety of other Chinese dishes that are worth trying. Consider ordering a few side dishes to complement your meal.


Houston’s vibrant culinary scene offers a plethora of options for those seeking the best Peking Duck. Whether you’re a longtime fan of this dish or trying it for the first time, the city’s top Chinese restaurants are ready to deliver an unforgettable dining experience. From the crispy skin to the tender meat and traditional accompaniments, Peking Duck is a must-try for anyone looking to explore the rich flavors of Chinese cuisine in Houston, Texas. So, gather your friends and family, make a reservation, and get ready to indulge in the best Peking Duck the city has to offer.

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