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Abdul Rimaaz SEO strategies for beginners
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Abdul Rimaaz SEO strategies for beginners
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Abdul Rimaaz Your Digital Transformation Partner

We Design, Develop and Communicate your Digital Transformation.We design and implement digital transformation projects that involve different areas of your business

Abdul Rimaaz Digital Business Consultant for Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation for us means Designing , Developing and Promoting complex application projects aimed at generating new and innovative digital services for your users or customers. With Design we think and design them around their needs. Through our technology oriented to the Digital Experience Platform we make them concrete and make them work. With Online Marketing we tell them and promote them to your target market.

Online Reputation Monitoring, Protection and Growth.

We make your business take off on major online platforms by constantly monitoring the results obtained.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Turn your visitors into customers with our team of experts. We will analyze your website and help you develop a strategy to improve your conversion rate.

Real-Time Social Media Analysis

We produce bespoke reports and technical verifications that can help your business with specific areas of digital

Improve Your Position on Google

We offer professional SEO services that help websites increase organic search and compete for first pages on search engines.

Significant increase in the number of customers

Optimization of management times and costs

Our experience will help you to realize your projects

Digital Marketing Services for your Business

Experts in Search Engine & Social Media Optimizations

Social Media Marketing Social Media Marketing
Organic Long-Term SEO
Advanced Analytics
Pay Per Click Strategies

Digital Consulting

Digital Marketing Strategies for the company that allow you to climb the heights of search engines and gain greater online visibility

Advertising campaigns

Paid ads on Google AdWords and other online systems will allow your site to have more visitors.

Local SEO optimization

Google Maps optimization is an important part of your marketing strategy for achieving local search success.

Custom Site Design

Our staff specializes in creating customized websites at affordable prices, including e-commerce.

Link Building & Content

Link Building is still and will continue to be an extremely important component of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).


Email Marketing

Creation and development of email marketing campaigns, management of company newsletter and contact database.

Our Digital Transformation Services Include

Our Digital Transformation is an integrated approach. Digital tools can help your business, make you more effective on the market, generate new services for customers, allow you to do something you never imagined. Since 2000,Abdul Rimaaz has been the partner that enables your digital potential , made up of processes, communication or business.
Abdul Rimaaz Services Area

I am providing the digital consulting all over the UK and globe ,My main local areas are Crewe( CW1),Shavington(CW2),Englesea-brook (CW2),Wistaston () CW2,Bradfield Green(CW5),Coppenhall Moss(CW1), Haslington(CW1), Aston juxta Mondrum(CW5),Beambridge CW5),ButtGreen(CW5),LardenGreen(CW5),Ravensmoor(CW5),Rease,Heath(CW5),Willaston(CW11),Worleston(CW5),Hough(CW2),Weston(CW2),Warmingham(CW11) and Wheelock(CW11)

Why Choose Abdul Rimaaz ?

Choosing professionals is always the best choice when looking for a quality product or service. We try to be, but we want our own customers to consider us as such, and for this reason they commit us every day to improve ourselves . If we had to answer the question: “why choose us?” most likely we would do it by listing these 5 simple but important aspects:


Putting passion into your work means committing yourself at any time and by any means, our staff loves their work and for this reason we are keen to perform well done jobs . We then share our knowledge with anyone thanks to our blog and training courses, in the hope that the articles and resources published will be of interest and help.


Passion is certainly important but without the due experience behind it it is difficult to be able to perform quality work. We have been dealing with websites for over 10 years , we have done so many works, each with unique characteristics that have allowed us to grow more and more.


Another important feature in choosing a partner for the development of websites is certainly the creativity that is able to instill in every job it performs.

We care a lot about this aspect, for example in the development of totally customized graphic projects or in the use of always innovative and trendy techniques .


Offering multiple choices is another of our strengths, we know very well that each customer has different needs and requirements , for this reason we want to offer customized solutions for every type of service requested and available budget.


One of the aspects that our customers most present to us is the trust they have in us , they know they can rely on our advice, totally entrusting us with the development of their projects, aware of the fact that we will be able to offer them the best solution , at the best price.

Benefits of Hiring a Digital Marketing Business Consultant

Today more than ever we live in a technological world. The online market is growing and the struggle for this “digital space” has become even more important for businesses. Every business is now forced to hire a digital marketing consultant who can navigate this world with ease. In this article, we have collected the benefits of hiring a consultant and the benefits it can bring to the companies you work with.

  1. Full attention to your campaigns

To run effective campaigns, you need a great deal of time and resources, which are the two things that many companies don’t have. SEO consultancy can take care of this burden.

You simply have to share the campaign objectives and a time frame for an effective campaign to run – you don’t need to spend a lot of time managing the many elements needed for the internal team to run a campaign.

This frees up time for managing and improving many other complex areas of your business.

  1. Reduce your total costs

Many companies compare the price of the consultant to the cost of an internal operation when thinking about working with a digital marketing expert. However, working with a consultant is much less expensive in the long run.

Eliminate the need to purchase digital tools (via expensive subscriptions), to run campaigns as reputable agencies already have these essential digital marketing tools.

It also eliminates the need for long-term expenses such as the need to pay full-time marketing positions and payroll taxes. It also eliminates the periodic expenses of maintaining full-time employees such as wages, health costs and benefits.

  1. Work with specialists

If you run a small business, it is much more difficult to manage a campaign internally: not only does your team take a long time to learn about all the online marketing techniques (such as social media marketing and SEO strategies), but you will eventually. get a lower quality campaign.

  1. You can get perspective

It’s essential to know which digital marketing tactics will work for your business – some can be helpful, while others can be quite disappointing.

If you want to get a good idea of ​​the techniques that will give you feasible results, you need to hire a good agency or consultant. These will allow you to see this area with a new perspective by evaluating your previous marketing efforts and developing them from your point of view and that of consumers.

  1. This service is a scalable service

Scalability is one of the things that makes digital marketing consulting the best bet for your online growth. A large company offers numerous packages and plans to suit the size of your business. Ideally, it is essential to have a flexible and scalable consultancy service, especially when planning to target a new market.

  1. They deliver measurable results

There are no companies that like to invest in things that don’t deliver.

In the landscape of digital marketing and its multiple marketing methods, it’s not easy to recognize real ROI. However, by defining the objectives and parameters on which to measure the campaign (Key Performance Indicators), the consultant can help. These indicators help you discover that in relation to your goals and the performance of your market’s campaigns.

In order to check the effectiveness of each campaign, they will indicate essential metrics to follow across various channels. You can also get quarterly or monthly reports on a website’s audit and your campaigns to help you make comprehensive marketing decisions.

  1. They have the tools

There are many tools that you need for digital marketing, such as automation tools, SEM campaign management, competitor analysis, keyword research etc. When you hire a digital marketing consultant, you already have these tools included.

  1. You know where to show your ads

Unfortunately, it is very difficult to know where your ads need to appear and where they don’t need to. These localization decisions can change the people you reach and how your customers react to your product. That is why it is essential to hire an online marketing expert, who will know the best tactics in this regard.

Digital Marketing B2B FAQ: the most frequently asked questions

SMEs that decide to invest in digital marketing are often faced with doubts of various kinds.

In this article we wanted to focus on  the  B2B market , which by its nature is a market with complex dynamics, with certain customer acquisition paths and purchasing behaviors.

Leaving aside for a moment the questions related to the specificities of the individual sectors and the characteristics of the individual company, there are some  cross-cutting questions common to many companies.

We are sure that you who are reading will have asked yourself these questions at least once (or you will have heard them from your superiors), without finding exhaustive answers.

Well, we wanted to collect below some of the most frequently asked questions on B2B digital marketing, trying to answer each point point by point.

Question 1: Why is my competitor before me on Google? 

Answer: If you do a Google search using your company name there is no problem, there you are on the front page and in the first positions. But if you try a keyword search such as sector + city  instead  , your competitors are positioned before you. How is it possible?

Leaving aside the visibility given by paid activities, the answer must be sought in all those  SEO factors  that affect positioning:  loading speed , quality and length of content, age of the domain, network of external links, mobile usability …

If your competitor ranks ahead of your brand, it is likely that, quite simply, they are doing all these things better than you.

The only exception is the age of the domain, i.e. how long a site has been online and on which, for obvious reasons, you cannot cheat.

Consider that if you are just starting an SEO optimization business, it could take several months before you see the fruits of the work done, depending on the difficulty and competition in the sector.

Question 2: How does SEO affect conversions? 

Answer: To answer this question we must start from the purpose for which SEO was born, that is to improve the positioning of websites on search engines, to attract more traffic and therefore potential customers.

If we consider that most people don’t go beyond the first page of Google when they search, you can easily understand how being able to appear in the top 10 results is a big plus  .

The equation is simple:  more exposure = more likely to attract prospects and sell.


Obviously, at the base there must be a work of  identifying the  most suitable keywords with which we want to place ourselves, so as to be sure that what will arrive at our site will be for the most part qualified traffic.

But remember:  being first on Google doesn’t automatically mean selling more.

Because? We explain it to you in the next point.

Question 2: Why am I first on Google and not selling? 

Answer: As we said a little while ago,  being first on Google  is certainly a great source of visibility, but  by itself it does not guarantee greater conversions .

Users can land on your site from the search engine, but if they do not welcome them they do not find Call-to-action clearly visible, if the landing pages are not structured in the correct way, if the purchase procedure is too difficult and the products / services are not fully illustrated, it shouldn’t be too surprising if the visit doesn’t end with a purchase.

A fertile ground must be created on which new conversion opportunities can develop, and  SEO is just one of the various web marketing tools available.

It certainly helps, but if it is not combined correctly with other elements, its effectiveness will be reduced.

Question 3: I want to be on the front page!

Answer: This is not a question but a statement we often hear from customers. This is accompanied by the omnipresent “I want to be in first place!”, A real myth that shows no sign of giving up.

We are about to reveal a secret, or rather two.

Everyone would love to be on the front page, but

  • It is not a result that comes overnight
  • Not everyone needs it

Let us explain: reaching the first page of Google  requires constant work over time , which can take longer or shorter times to give results. This depends a lot on the competition and the difficulty of the keywords with which you decide to position yourself: the more competitors we have, the more difficult it will be to move up in the SERPs.

As for the second point, it may seem absurd but it is not.

There are variables for which trying to be first on Google could be not only useless, but even counter-productive.

In this case, we refer to  new or niche products  for which there is no demand (and if there is, it is scarce). Aiming for first page positioning on Google for this type of product will hardly bring great results, since there will be few searches made by users and, consequently, visits to the site. It could therefore be more productive to invest in an  omnichannel campaign  to intercept a pool of potentially interested users, segmenting the public by age group, gender, geographical location and interests.

Question 4: How to generate quality B2B leads?

Answer: If by quality lead we refer to leads more likely to become customers and to buy our products or services, it is important first of all that the lead is a figure whose opinion has a certain weight in the decision-making processes within the company. .

To attract these people, it is necessary to focus on  specific content related to the product or service  we sell, available both for immediate use on the site and for download such as blog articles, ebooks, white papers, webinars and video courses, taking care to convey them. always to the right target.

Not getting enough leads? Check the effectiveness of your business website now with the free Checklist

Another way to attract qualified leads is to focus on  brand awareness , or corporate branding. The better known your company is, the more likely we are to increase leads from people interested in the product or service we sell. 

Once the leads have been brought into the sales funnel, they must be treated with nurturing activities   aimed at establishing a communication channel.

Question 5: How to do lead generation on a low budget?

Answer: If we look at the advertising side, one way to do lead generation with a limited budget is to  create a campaign on a limited geographical area , starting from a limited area and gradually expanding the range of action.

From an SEO point of view we can decide instead to aim to position ourselves with  long tail  – or long tail – keywords – that is, very specific keywords that should bring more qualified traffic.

Another way to generate leads when you cannot count on a large budget is to focus your efforts on  content marketing , i.e. on the production of content (texts, videos, infographics, ebooks) aimed at attracting prospects and guiding them along the funnel of sale until the final decision and purchase phase.

Keep in mind that if you want to get good results from a B2B lead generation campaign, you should have a monthly budget of no less than € 600. Smaller figures, for a B2B campaign, can hardly bear fruit.

Question 5: I want to create the new … ..

Answer: Everyone at least once stumbled upon one of these  portals to book a hotel for the holidays, look for a house for sale or rent, or to shop online : simple to use, well-stocked and convenient for prices and delivery times. It is no coincidence that they are the most used by users and have turned the owners into digital gossips.

How nice it would be to be able to replicate the success of these sites, right? A good idea in theory, a big deal in practice.

What many underestimate is that  to have a portal of this type you need a solid structure behind it , both from the point of view of the digital infrastructure and from that of management costs.

These portals have to manage a  huge amount of data, requests and  contents  that must in turn be properly organized to be usable by users.

And this is only the beginning! These portals find themselves having to focus simultaneously on  two types of public : sellers and end customers. Being able to satisfy both of these segments is not at all simple and requires substantial budgets to convince suppliers to be present with their offer on the one hand, and to convince users with a sufficiently broad offer on the other.

Question 6: I can’t afford strategic analysis, I have to start right away

Answer: Many companies feel that conducting a  preliminary strategic analysis is a waste of time and money. What they want is to get started right away. Of course nothing prevents you from doing this, but  on whatbasis do you go to work?

Strategic analysis is a decision-making tool that serves to  understand if you have the means and resources to face a specific investment  and have results in good time.

It is not necessary for everyone, but certain realities and sectors represent a way to avoid wrong investments and waste of money.

The risk is in fact that of starting with an investment that, over time, can turn out to be too high or too low. In this way you will find yourself wasting money or not having obtained any results. And that’s not what we want, is it?

At the end of a strategic analysis, one is not yet operational, but one gains a  new awareness of one’s own means and real possibilities , based on real and objective data.

Question 7: I already have email marketing contact lists, why can’t I use them?

Answer: With the recent introduction of the  GDPR , which became directly applicable on May 25, 2018, companies that have obtained contacts in non-transparent ways have a hard life. The new regulation has in fact given a drastic crackdown on data processing and privacy, imposing very specific duties on companies that have to manage customer and supplier data.

Failure to comply with the regulation can result in penalties of up to 20 million euros and 4% of the annual turnover.

With regard to email marketing activities  after the GDPR , the consent of the interested parties to  use their email for commercial communication purposes is required to be in good  standing .

Someone will rightly object that in this way you will lose a large part of the contacts, but it should also be remembered that it is  better to have few consents from interested leads , rather than a very long contact list but with few people really in target. The real risk is in fact that our emails are thrown away without even having been opened.

For any Query