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Transportation Appliances

Do you move and need to bring things home?

Moving things from home with transportation is not improvised because it is dangerous and often does not fit in our car. If your moving includes a washing machine, dishwasher or refrigerator, ask us for a quote to bring them.

Abdul Rimaaz has professional cars and carriers for safe handling of your home appliances. Our transportation services include:

transfer to refrigerator
transfer to the washing machine
dishwasher transport
transport to the gas stove
transportation of small household appliances (microwave ovens, stoves, etc.)
transportation of hi-fi products (stereo, speakers, amplifiers)
television traffic
transport to computers

How do you deliver household appliances?

The equipment must be removed at least 48 hours before the start of the operation. Turn off the power and properly defrost the refrigerator.If possible, the equipment should be carefully disassembled and cleaned by one person.Third, good packaging. The minimum and the maximum must be separated to avoid damage during transport. Once packed, the goods are transported in the truck (disposal of WEEE waste is also guaranteed). The transport was insured against damage and theft. In addition, the vehicles that we can afford are equipped with a ZTL travel permit in restricted areas.

Transportation of Refrigerators

The refrigerator must be turned off at least 48 hours before delivery. Remove, thaw, wash, dry thoroughly and be careful to avoid wet joints.
When you arrive at a new location, you should turn off the refrigerator for at least an hour so it can recover.

Transportation of Washing Machine

The washing machine must be removed 48 hours before delivery. When cleaning the drum, you can clean the drum with baking soda and water or bleach and water and finally inhale. During disassembly, the filter can be removed, washed and dried. All other interior surfaces should be thoroughly cleaned and dried.

Contact us to deliver all your home appliances and appliances to your home. We do home and international delivery. Our quotes are fast and free.