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Samsung Mobile Phone Repair

Abdul Rimaaz have the best and fastest troubleshooting issues that come with Samsung phones.

They have professional specialists in Samsung mobile phone repairs. Their technicians are highly qualified and have a lot of experience repairing Samsung phones on various devices and are Samsung certified.

Repair of Official Samsung mobile phones

Repairs are performed under the Samsung brand and are performed on all components individually and, if possible, “replacements” are made for new equipment. It requires a maximum of 7 working days and retains a market guarantee.

We focus on the absolute satisfaction of our customers. For Samsung phones, we rely on personal service and on the efficiency and technical quality of repair services.


Free diagonosis of your Samsung Mobile Phones


7 Working Days


Service satisfaction in repair of your Samsung Mobile Phone


30 Minutes Wait Time


The Samsung Cell Phone Repair you need and you’ll get it right away!

Samsung S9 Cell Phone Repair

Samsung S8 Cell Phone Repair

Samsung S7 Cell Phone Repair

Samsung S6 Cell Phone Repair

Samsung S5 Cell Phone Repair

Samsung S4 Cell Phone Repair

Samsung S3 Cell Phone Repair

Samsung Note 4 Cell Phone Repair

Samsung Note 5 Cell Phone Repair


Samsung Note 6 Cell Phone Repair

Samsung Note 7 Cell Phone Repair


Samsung Note 8 Cell Phone Repair

Samsung A3 Cell Phone Repair

Samsung  A5  Cell Phone Repair

Samsung J7 Cell Phone Repair


Samsung A8 Cell Phone Repair

Samsung J8 Cell Phone Repair

Samsung  J5  Cell Phone Repair

Frequently Asked Questions About Samsung Mobile Phone Repair

Yes: If for samsung cell phone repair you choose Official Repair. It takes a maximum of 7 business days.

When repairing Samsung phones, some models (S8, S7, S6, etc.) have glasses and an LCD in the same part. In this way, it is not possible to simply replace the glass as a piece. Also, if it does not work or has problems with touch, it may be caused by problems with some parts of the board.

For Samsung mobile phone models (A, J series, etc.), only the glass or touch can be changed.

Initially, Samsung phones are repaired and repaired to determine if they have any errors or performance issues. Then our evaluation is processed by software and subsequent hardware analysis to check if the battery needs to be replaced or if the problem is not caused by problems with systems, components or other resources.

Initially, while developing software and hardware measures in Samsung mobile repair, it was detected due to some component, malfunction, application error, bug, or various triggers. Therefore, the resolution process is initiated correctly. the nature of the problem.

If it is due to a component, it must be modified according to the user’s preference in function or the like, and the difference, in the case of the device, can be prepared by modification and appropriate maintenance. error.

In case of water problem or crash, Abdul Rimaaz recommends that you first turn off your Samsung phone and put it to sleep for 7 days before fixing it. After this process (to absorb the humidity), we recommend that you visit the store where they will carry out the cleaning, drying and dehumidifying procedures.

After this procedure, diagnosis is carried out over the phone and, if there is a functional problem, it is checked for corrective action. If so, please advise your budget and proceed with Samsung hardware repair after approval.

Note: Currently, S-series models starting with the S7 model are waterproof. Models should be IP67 or IP68 certified to ensure they fit into the range.

– IP67: Waterproof for 30 minutes at 1 m depth

– IP68: water protection and long-lasting water resistance

Repair function: After the Samsung phone repair is confirmed by name, the equipment will be replaced accordingly.

In some cases, sound issues can be caused by physical issues, bugs, errors, or infections.

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