Agile Coaches

They are someone who will create an excellent agile culture, transform people, increase process maturity and at the same time drive the organization’s results. The Agile Coach will be an agent of change, but the company must be an agent ready to be transformed and trust that the change will bring results, as it guides and develops people to support the entire process, both of adopting the methodology and constant improvement.


In summary, the Agile Training and coaching center needs to have experience in executing agile methods, but also needs to know other agile environments. And understand in each of them how the agility of adapted the premises, processes and people.

In addition to seeking to maximize results through agile practices and the evolution of people and process, the Agile Coach must create and strengthen the Agile Mindset through the values ​​and principles of the Agile Manifesto in line with the needs and business strategy.

We have Agile Coaches, members of the Abdul Rimaaz Competency Center, certified, with market experience to scale agile maturity in your company.