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Transportation Of Valuables


Core values: The importance of trust in a specialized Company

Moving valuables absolutely requires a level of vision and professionalism that is better than is possible in a simple society operating in the exploitation sector: so those who need it must rely on a specialized society.

If a company operating in the mobility sector has specific experience in transporting expensive goods, it can provide customers with the best possible guarantee and can take a number of steps to make it safer. stages, including loading and unloading.

What do expensive things mean?

Before you look at which of the most valuable items individuals and companies supply to companies that specialize in these particular relocations.It will help you emphasize that the cost of everything can be intentional or subjective.

The first case therefore concerns all items which actually have a sufficient market value, while the second case includes all items whose value is of a purely emotional nature, the person in particular remaining at the center of their commercial value.

Both parts of the items are considered objectively valuable, and where one is emotionally related, transportation needs to be maximized and should be above the normal range of motion.

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Values: What are the most requested shipme?

The list of things that companies often trust in this special transport is much richer: the services that individuals need, so in this autumn category you will find all the expensive things that are always stored at home.

It is therefore very popular to wear antiques, from furniture to small items, to wear jewelry, especially gold, silver or jewelry decorated with precious stones, of all diamonds, but also furniture. considered for all intents and purposes as valuable items, remember for example the crystal tables and all other beings that create high market value.

Similarly, individuals often require specialized companies to carry electronic items such as computers, stereo, speakers, modern television, and so on. Transferring valuable services can also be a problem for companies such as computers, IT equipment, servers, equipment, tools for specific production activities, etc.

Need of a good shipping service for expensive items?

Because a company that specializes in the transportation of expensive items should be proud of it, it is very important to examine the various care companies, so we will try to provide useful information for delivery to the consumer.

Above all, the company must have sufficient knowledge and commitment, be able to carry out national and international transport and its services must include the transport of expensive goods in a specific way.

Quality goods services should provide high quality cars, be properly inspected and repaired by the same company and should include flexible services. verify the exact performance of the service.

In addition, the fact that the company ensures maximum availability for each customer can only be positive when operating on holidays.


Quality and Professionalism

Abdul Rimaaz has good experience in this industry and offers the highest quality transport services at all levels: local, national, international. The satisfaction of our customers is always very high, even in terms of carrying expensive things, and this is the result of a strict corporate policy aimed at constantly improving our services and our internal processes.

In fact, our motto has always been to organize every move from A to Z so that the customer does not have to worry about anything, at any stage of transport. To ensure the highest level of security for each customer, we have improved our business processes and consumer-oriented guarantees, making our value-added transportation services the most reliable option.

Valuables storage costs our warehouses

If it is necessary to store expensive items for logistical reasons, we can use our warehouse. We can create 2,000 square meters of covered warehouse space, where our customers' items are inspected directly by our staff 24 hours a day. The precision we provide for this service is that we also provide a specific guarantee for the plants: To prevent our plants from being affected by storage facilities, we actually create a special suitable ventilation area where the plants receive food. special irrigation system and can be managed. experienced gardeners for higher supplies.

Tracking of Shipments

Supervision, as mentioned above, is an important aspect of distraction, especially when these services concern valuable matters, so we improve this aspect in a safe way so that the customer is always at ease. Our Tracking allows the customer to check where his items are at any time of the day or night, on any day, and to streamline the service we also perform SMS Tracking: if the customer needs more related communication, send for example, send successfully, send him SMS to mobile so we can inform him in time.

Packing And Insurance

Packaging is very important when evaluating transport services, because it is a matter of course, which is why we pay great attention to this phase. We use pre-selected materials and combined techniques to pack the items our customers need for shipping: our packaging is tested to see how you can protect the items, even in the most dangerous effects. Of course, all the goods we send through our customers are subject to our insurance insurance, so if something is unavoidable, the customer is fully entitled to a refund.

The Experience of our Employees

This may go without saying, but we would like to emphasize that all employees involved in our redundancies, from loading and unloading staff to drivers, are regularly contracted by our company. We use only employees and do not hire any experts at random, so we can guarantee good quality to every customer. In addition to strict selection, our staff is constantly subjected to professional training courses aimed at optimizing the efficiency of services and performing all operational operations in the name of maximum safety. .