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Word Press Training and Consulting

WordPress consultancy for the solution of some problems related to your website created in WordPress, for its optimization or for other needs related to your site. And if you want to learn how to manage your site in WordPress in the best and most advanced way, I offer training services. 

Why Ask For A WordPress Consulting

You may already have an online site but would like to optimize it at SEO level ; or you would like to expand it with other features. Or again, you would like to solve technical problems such as cleaning up your fake website, migrating it from one hosting to another, or migrating it from a CMS to WordPress. Instead, you may have the skills to create your website in WordPress, but you don’t know where to start , you don’t know what and how to communicate. You may not need a wordpress consultancy, but you want to train yourself on the use and advanced management of your website in WordPress.

In all these cases, or even for other similar needs, you could ask for a WordPress consultation , without requesting a quote for the implementation or re-implementation of your website.

Why A Word Press Consulting is Important

The presence on the web today is not limited to just having a website. Many other factors must be considered such as communication (preceded by an in-depth analysis of the reference users), content writing in an SEO key, website optimization following good implementation practices, clarity, navigability, usability, and many other factors. And it is equally important to manage your website, take care of it, maintain it, update its contents.
All these factors related to the creation of the website are important and can be acquired through a consultation or training.

What Does A WordPress Consultation Include And When To Except It?

WordPress consultancy is aimed at solving or deepening some specific aspects concerning your website and does not involve the construction or restyling of the site. You can therefore request a consultation for your site in WordPress if you already have a website and want to solve a technical problem, if you want its analysis or if you want to know how to optimize it.

The training instead consists in teaching you in a practical way how to manage some aspects of your site in WordPress. This is carried out in a practical way through remote assistance software or skype or if you prefer, through videotutorials created for you.


Build your professional website according to your needs.

Below you will find some types of website. If you do not find what you need, you can contact me to discuss the best solution for you, for your professional activity or for your company. I will formulate a website quote that best suits your needs, free of charge.


Analysis of your website to identify any factors to improve.

You own a website and would like wordpress advice to analyze it and understand if there is something wrong or to improve. I am often contacted for advice of this type, even when the website brings results, but not the expected ones.

With a complete analysis the entire site will be analyzed to understand if it has any technical deficiencies or at the level of communication and organization of the contents. The basic SEO aspects are also evaluated and a final report is made, to understand where to intervene.

The interventions are not part of the consultancy.


A guide for you who want to have a website in WordPress to achieve your goals.

I often get contacted by customers who intend to create a website, but who don’t have the slightest idea where to start. Other times I am asked to recreate one based on an existing site, for the same reasons, especially in light of previous failure experiences.

With the wordpress consultancy on the design of the web presence I help you to take all those preparatory steps for the creation of a website, such as the analysis of your target audience, the study of a targeted communication, also according to the SEO, the characteristics techniques to implement (and how to manage them), the most appropriate social channels on which to be present, etc.


If you need to solve a technical problem for your website in WordPress.

WordPress technical advice can be requested for different types of needs. Below are the consultations you can request.

TECHNICAL PROBLEMS: you have a technical problem that you cannot solve and even that you cannot identify.

HOSTING MIGRATION: You want to change hosting service providers, but you don’t know how to move, and you don’t know how to migrate your site. Or you just don’t have the time to do it.

CLEANING COUNTERFEIT SITE: You have a site that has been forged and you want to clean it up and put it back on its feet. And you want to understand the reasons why it was counterfeited.

CMS TO WP MIGRATION: you have a site created with another CMS and you want to switch to WordPress (or vice versa).

PLUGIN INSTALLATION AND CONFIGURATION: you want to install particular plugins and configure them, but you don’t know how to do it or you don’t have the time.

ADDITION OF SPECIFIC FEATURES: You want to implement a new feature on your website but you don’t know which plugins to use.

INTERVENTIONS ON THE SITE: if you have already requested a consultancy aimed at analyzing your site, you know where and how to intervene and would like these interventions to be done by me.


If you want to optimize your website or if you want to understand how to write your content in an SEO key.

You have a website and you don’t know why it doesn’t bring you the expected results. You don’t want to recreate it from scratch but you want to understand what the critical factors are and how to intervene to optimize your site. Wordpress consultancy for the optimization of your website is aimed at identifying the criticalities that do not make your site perform as you would like. After an essential analysis of your website, the points on which you should intervene are identified and you are given how to intervene.
The intervention on the site is not part of this consultation.

Here is the type of advice you can request.

WP SITE CHECK: analysis of the website to identify its weaknesses.

SEO WRITING CONSULTANCY: Your content is not written following good SEO practices. The consultancy helps you to learn by “writing” the basic methodology of writing according to SEO.

REORGANIZE CONTENT: the contents are not organized in the best possible way, the website is confusing, difficult to navigate and not very usable.

WEBSITE OPTIMIZATION: your website is not technically optimized according to the standards and in terms of SEO. With my advice I will do an analysis of your site to understand where and how to intervene.


If you want to be trained on some specific aspects on WordPress.

You have a wordpress website and would like to be trained on its management, or on how to better manage certain aspects of the website. Wordpress training will be carried out by creating a specific training plan, based on your needs. The training will be carried out remotely: via skype or via remote assistance software, as a team viewer, so that you can train by doing direct practice. If you prefer, I can create specific video tutorials for you.

Here are some areas on which you can request training.

TRAINING ON THE GENERAL ASPECTS OF WORDPRESS: Starting from how to buy a hosting suitable for the needs of your site, we move on to installation, setup, up to the management of the basic aspects of WordPress.

PLUGIN AND WIDGET MANAGEMENT: how to choose, install, set up and manage WordPress plugins, with particular attention to SEO and security implications. How to use widgets and insert them in the sidebar or footer. Using shortcodes.

TEMPLATE MANAGEMENT: how to choose and install a template; how to set it up and manage it to create your pages in a personalized way.

MANAGEMENT OF PAGES AND / OR BLOG ARTICLES: how to create pages for your site in wordpress; how to manage articles and categories. Menu management.

OTHER TOPICS ON WORDPRESS: any specific topic required according to your needs.


Do you want to ask for a consultation or a training plan? Here is how to request it and how it is carried out ..



The requested WordPress consultancy has an hourly and fixed cost. However, there is full flexibility in the evaluation of the excess minutes and furthermore the cost could vary according to the number of hours requested and the type of consultancy.


Contact me to explain the type of WordPress advice you need, the type of problem you want to solve or the type of analysis you want me to do for you. If you need training, please explain your needs.


The consultation is performed after having paid the fee in advance and after having established when to perform it (or when to start with the training).


If you request to be trained on some aspects of WordPress we will make a small training plan, setting the dates in which to carry it out with you and providing you with the necessary tools to do it.


The moment in which to carry out the WordPress consultancy or training will be established together by evaluating my availability and yours in case your presence is needed.


After you have contacted me and explained what you need, I will evaluate your need to understand how long it takes to satisfy it with my advice or with a training plan.


Depending on the type of consultation, I will provide you with the tools necessary to carry it out or the results of the analyzes carried out. It will be my concern to put you in the best conditions to be able to take advantage of my advice or training.


If the WordPress consultancy you are requesting is urgent and you would like it to be carried out as soon as possible, we will fix the time together to do it. The hourly cost is increased.