Abdul Rimaaz Business Consultant

With the Strategic Marketing web consultancy that I propose to you for the company, I will be at your side, directing the choices and tools to use in the right direction.

Companies are increasingly entering the digital world , this is because they have understood its true value.

Much less, indeed almost not at all, understand how to move in this mare magnum of digital strategic marketing , and those who are already doing it are not sure if they are moving in the right direction and with the right economic consistency, but above all if they are entrusting themselves. to the right people.

I will never be the protagonist of your business reality, but I will be one step behind you to advise you and suggest how to move, which strategies to take and which tools to use.

How the Strategic Marketing Consultancy will take place for your company.

  • I analyze business processes
  • I identify any gaps from the digital communication point of view
  • I produce the answers to improvements to allow your company to grow and keep up with the times.

Specifically, my consultancy includes coaching for a minimum of 50 hours to be spread in the times and in the ways you deem appropriate, to ensure that those with whom I will interface, have the right attention to dedicate to me.


My advice will start from the answer you will give me to one of these two questions below and that I will ask you first.

1 strategic marketing question

1. Do you need to understand how to move in Digital Marketing communication because you don’t know where to start?

2 strategic marketing question2. Are you already eagerly moving your steps in the Web Marketing sector but you don’t know if you are working in the right direction or if the one / those you have entrusted to are doing well?

I will generally divide my work into three phases, phases which obviously are subject to variation depending on the reality in which I will be called to work.


Obviously my advice will also focus on understanding the use of social networks and above all conveying the right way to use them as well as understanding the enormous potential for strategic purposes to make them productive for the purposes of your business expansion.

Brand Identity

My consulting attention will also focus on the analysis and definition of your “Brand Identity”, an element very often, especially in small and medium-sized enterprises, which is absolutely not considered.

It will start from the definition of your UNIQUE SELLING PROPOSITION (USP), and then get to analyze and build your company presence in the world of the Web with your team.

How much does consulting cost for your company?

Obviously it is always to be evaluated based on the commitment that is required of me.

I always consider a minimum of 50 hours to develop all business process analysis and identify flaws.

I also suggest you visit my special site where I show you how my Strategic Business Marketing Web Consultancy will take place .

“On Strategic Web Marketing Consulting for Companies …”

Learning to understand that using social media to make digital strategies will not change to advertise, learning to use social media to make digital strategies will change your way of being a company.

Federica Macrì  Web Marketing and Online Communication Consultant and Trainer