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Apple Watch Repair

Abdul Rimaaz offers the fastest and best possible solutions for your Apple Watch.

Their technicians are competent and experienced in repairs and are Apple certified.

Updates will be made to the Apple brand, individually for all products, and “replacement” for new devices, if necessary. It takes about 7 working days and the product warranty is maintained.


Service satisfaction in repair of your Computer/ Laptop


7 Working Days


Free diagonosis of your Computer/ Laptop


The Apple Watch Repair you need and you’ll get it right away!

Apple Watch Series 3 Repair


Apple Watch Hermès Series 3 Repair

Apple Watch Series 2 Repair

Apple Watch Series 3 Nike+ Repair

Apple Watch Series 3 GPS + Cell Phone Repair

Apple Watch Series 1 Repair

Frequently Asked Questions About Apple Watch Repair

Yes, because the Apple Watch is officially repaired, as  maximum of 7 business days is required, and retains Apple’s warranty

Before repairing the Apple Watch, a battery test is first performed to determine if it actually has manufacturing / original defects or defects. After our evaluation and individual tests, you will receive confirmation of the need to replace the battery or whether the cause of the problem is caused by other reasons outside the battery, such as: problems (errors) with systems, components or even other sources.

No, when repairing the Apple Watch, it will not be possible to replace the screen alone, because EXCHANGE has respected the Apple brand and is still under their warranty.

Abdul Rimaaz developed the Apple Watch for all aspects of voice/audio related software. Since the exchange with Apple has ended and the replacement of the device is not possible, it is better to extend the product warranty. Our free sample process and quotation are done in our store.

NOTE: Equipment inspections are always performed to determine if the equipment needs to be replaced or specially modified due to faulty procedures that may prevent the device from malfunctioning.

During the installation of the initial tests and tests of software and hardware for Apple Watch repair, you will receive a test that indicates certain components, malfunctions, malfunctions, bugs, viruses or other problems with your Apple Watch. The procedures for solving these complex problems and, therefore, the problems in question are appropriately presented.

In case of defects, we will inform the customer in advance and decide whether to repair or not. On the other hand, if it is a system problem, then it can be fixed by modifying the system and making a special error.

Note: For Apple Watch, you can reduce performance. This means that you can install an older version of the system you currently have.

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