Abdul Rimaaz Business Consultant

Marketing Develops Business and Achieves Goals If you are on this page it means that you are evaluating a Marketing Consultant for your activities: a professional who every day studies, deepens, experiments and puts into practice techniques and strategies for Business Development. Stop spending and start investing Being an entrepreneur you will want to develop business and you may have already done some advertising activities that may not have brought you the desired benefit yet. This is because before advertising and communication you must have a strategic and operational marketing plan where expenses and possible returns are already calculated thanks to a timing of activities. Otherwise, you may have a winning project in mind but you don’t know what activities are required to complete it. You must therefore be aware that through Marketing it is possible to have a better definition of strategies and activities, of how the money is spent and with which and how many returns. In Marketing there is no word “spend”, the correct term is “invest”, because an investment is an action that provides for a return through an economic benefit.

3 things you can achieve with a Marketing Consultancy

  1. A dedicated consultant and a team of experts
  2. Winning strategies made to measure, concrete and tested
  3. Effective communication to a profiled target
  • A clear definition of the objectives to be achieved in numerical terms.
  • A 3-year schedule of activities with details of the first 12 months
  • Awareness of economic investments thanks to the budget forecast on returns.
  • A goal monitoring system with modification of the strategies in progress.
  • Strategies for developing business tailored to successful case histories.
  • A single point of contact for all Marketing activities.
  • Collaboration with experienced and qualified companies in their sector and who have already worked in the proposed projects.
  • Reduce costs: you can in fact download the consultancy costs
  • Do not have a fixed cost: in periods of less activity it is possible to reduce or stop consulting, which is not possible with a permanent employee.
  • Having a professional who is always motivated in his work: an addict over time can lose sight of the goal and decrease in motivation; the consultant knows that to work he must reach the client’s objectives and he also does it for passion.
  • Save time; because you will no longer have to deal with the details of every single activity, you will have more free time to dedicate to your business.

The Marketing Consultant

I introduce myself. I’m Abdul Rimaaz, graduated from UK. After graduating in Advertising Graphics, I became passionate about Marketing and I deepened the subject through a degree course in “Business Communication Marketing and Advertising which ended in 2010. Since then I have started offering Marketing consultancy for small and medium-sized enterprises . My business started working as an employee, but then I felt like a bird locked in a cage because I wanted to apply myself to different sectors and, therefore, I started my own agency: Abdul Rimaaz Marketing for me is a lifestyle choice, a way of seeing things, it is an attitude to think in a creative and innovative way. This is why I can be happy, because I have made my passion my job.

Not everyone can be my client

My clients are entrepreneurs, of medium and large companies, who want to face the market in a strategic and structured way, prepared to do business by offering products or services of value with the propensity to embrace new strategies. In any sector you operate these are essential conditions for being a Abdul Rimaaz customer. In fact, I do not accept any orders, but I offer my services only if I believe I can give added value through my work.

Making Strategies is my job

When I implement a strategy it remains the property and exclusive use of my client. I undertake never to disclose any information acquired during the development of a project. For this and other privacy reasons, I do not show my clients’ projects and financial results online, even if this limits me. However, I want to show you the activities and results we have achieved, my team and I, in two different product sectors.