Abdul Rimaaz Business Consultant

Technological solutions for everyday life or for companies.


... with Opensource technological solutions it is possible to create many devices useful for everyday life? One of these technologies is called Raspberry Pi: apparently an electronic card, but in practice a real computer with the size of a palm of your hand, which includes USB ports, HDMI (for connections to TVs), mass memory and in latest versions also integrates a wifi and bluetooth antenna.


With this technology and others similar (such as Arduino) you can create various technological solutions for everyday life and for the company. A server, a hotspot, a touch mobile phone, a video surveillance system that detects movements by triggering video / audio recording, a media center to transform your old TV into a modern TV connected to the internet, transforming it into a smart TV. These are just a few simple solutions that can be easily implemented.


Creativity has no limits, except those imposed by accessible technology. If you need a technological solution, if you have an idea, I can study its feasibility, implementation, times and costs and if these elements make the realization accessible, we can make your solution or idea concrete.

I made several works, in most cases it was technological solutions deriving from small or medium problems of everyday life, in other cases of creative ideas.