Abdul Rimaaz Business Consultant

Do you have a profession, an activity that you have decided to launch on the web?

Do you need quick and practical help on something you are taking care of yourself but don’t want to hire any marketing agency or consultant?

There are many reasons to use my online web marketing consultancy service .

How does the online web marketing consultancy work together?

The online web marketing consultancy that I propose is divided into three moments:

  • First contact
  • Analysis and study of the situation
  • Consulting

First contact

This first phase corresponds to the moment in which, after reading everything that is written on this page, you are contacting me, having pressed the button at the bottom START THE CONSULTING.

In the box of the form explain to me in a short and precise way, your needs, s i detailed and send me everything I can need to know your professional reality.

Consider that the information you will give me will help me to have a clear picture of your situation. On the basis of what you write to me, I will put on paper some ideas that will help find the right way to advise you. You will tell me your availability by day and time.

The online web marketing consultancy lasts two hours. From my experience this is the time necessary to explain the strategy designed for you and to keep your attention level high.

Check your calendar and tell me on which days and at what times you are free to receive my advice, we will make an appointment.

Analysis and study of your situation

I will examine all the material you have sent me, to study your situation closely. Knowing where you’re starting from will help me figure out how to get you right where you want.

For this reason my studio will not finish in a few hours, but it will require me to spend several days. The development of the strategy will follow, which I will present to you during the two hours of Video Call.


This is the last phase, where after agreements made we will start a VideoCall, during which in the two hours of time at our disposal I will show you, step by step, the strategy developed for you. You can ask me questions, ask me for more information and explanations to understand how to best proceed, according to my indications.

How Much Does Online Marketing Consultancy Cost With Me?

I want to tell you that the “cost” of web marketing consultancy is a “value”, because with this service you will not spend money: you will invest it.

– Analysis of your situation
– 2 hour Skype call

Cost: € 350

If after the first appointment you want to receive other advice, you will pay only € 100 / hour. 


What channels will we use to do the online Web Marketing Consultancy?

To do the Consultancy you can use one of these channels among which surely at least one is in your possession. 

The channels I propose you to use are all free, and easy to understand.


If you do not have an account yet, you must create it before the day we will contact us, and to create it you can also go here

Look for me like Federica Macrì federicamacr


To download this Videochat platform you can go to Zoom

Google Duo:

To download this Google Videochat platform you can go to Duo

To be able to use Duo which is a very easy chat, however, you must necessarily have a Google gmail


“On online Web Marketing consultancy …”

I learned above all by asking others, to those who were ahead of me, to those who had already had that problem that now plagued me … if I had understood earlier how much time I would have saved ..

Federica Macrì  Web Marketing and Online Communication Consultant and Trainer