Abdul Rimaaz Business Consultant

Installation of Security Cameras (CCTV)

We protect what you value

We specializes in the installation of security cameras, also working with the sale and maintenance of security equipment. The company’s work consists in the implementation of cameras in condominiums and commercial environments, bringing equipment from qualified brands and, with the guarantee of a complete and agile service.

As a differential, the company works by building a specific project to the customer’s needs, evaluating the structure and everything that will be necessary for the cameras to be installed on site. In addition, we has specialized professionals, so the service can be performed quickly, with attention to the details that this type of operation requires.

Corporate control solutions.

Access Control

We offer technological solutions to control access to a property, building, or room, only for authorized persons.

Attendance Control

With our attendance control solution, you’ll have a detailed record of your employees’ entries and exits, which will provide you with valuable data to optimize productivity.

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