Abdul Rimaaz Business Consultant

Pay Per Click (PPC) Management

Pay Per Click has instant results on the Google search engine and offers your company massive exposure to the target audience interested in your business, making your site take off among the top positions on the first page.


Our Pay-Per-Click team will manage the entire online marketing process by creating, launching, managing and optimizing paid search programs that get fast and targeted results. Our web marketing specialists will know how to select the right keywords for your business and design creative marketing that will attract users.

The result is an effective PPC research program that is well worth the investment. Our paid search services include:

  • Keywords and keyphrases for text ads
  • Content Match and image ads
  • Local and regional targeting
  • Keyword test from general to long-tail
  • Cross-channel integration and tracking
  • Mobile and video campaign design

Paid Ads

Achieve positive ROI through our paid campaigns on Google. Invest your budget effectively using the most popular keywords suitable for your business.

PPC Remarketing

Channel your “potential customers” into industry categories. Our team of Pay Per Click professionals will help you to engage users who have expressed interest in your services through targeted strategies.

Social Advertising

Do you need to generate a positive reputation around your business? Our social media marketing programs will help you set up a social strategy that is suited to your target and capable of generating only positive feedback.

Video Advertising

We are experts in Video Promotion for your business! Our Team is ready to help you be competitive in the field of Video Content by creating campaigns that will increase the presence of your brand on the main Video Sharing platforms.

Abdul Rimaaz Business Consultant

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