Abdul Rimaaz Business Consultant

I offer consultancy services on the creation, management and optimization of your website, on software design and development, and on project management.
If you need training in the same areas, I can train you on site or even online.


You will be free to create your website, taking advantage of my advice on how to make graphics attractive, how to optimize content and the SEO aspect. And if you use a CMS like WordPress, Joomla !, Prestashop, etc …, I will guide you in their effective use, in their management, what to do and what not to do to make the website vulnerable and which plugins to use. I will also help you in customizing the entire system.
After a careful check up of your website, we will establish what should be done in terms of design, content and SEO optimization. I will customize the website using the appropriate codes (php, css, html, etc ..)
After a thorough check up of your website, we will determine what should be done in terms of design, content and SEO optimization.
On the basis of the contents of your website I will carry out an SEO check up to establish the appropriate changes to optimize the SEO of the site.


I offer consulting services for the migration of your website from one platform or CMS to another, whether it is a blog, a professional site or an e-commerce, taking care of design and SEO and maintaining the existing features.
I can carry out all the migration processes to updated versions of your website made with old versions of Joomla !, WordPress, Prestashop, in those cases where automatic updates are not enough.
Do you want to recover your site data stored in the database? Having Problems With Your Hosting Service Provider? With my advice we solve all problems of this type.
If your site has been tampered with, I can recover it and put it back online by choosing the best solution, cleaning it from malicious code, and then reporting it again to Google and avoiding the penalties that affect indexing and positioning.


With my consultancy I will guide you in the essential points to organize your project, from the conception phase, to planning, risk analysis, time and economic constraints and organizing the activities in work packages and objectives.
How to organize project activities based on objectives, constraints and risks? My consultancy will help you establish the key project phases by identifying all the key activities, planning times and resources.
Planning your online presence is a project activity. With my advice you will be able to identify all your goals and the activities to achieve them, based on time and economic constraints. This way you can have a clear idea of ​​how to be present on the web.
I also offer project management consultancy in other areas. Each idea may not be realized or may have a difficult start, not realizing the initial expectations. The project organization activity of an idea is therefore essential to manage all the activities that will lead you to realize your idea.


I carry out training activities online or on site

I offer training and tutoring services on site, online or through video courses. Based on your needs I will design an ad hoc program developing it in different modules, customizing it according to your knowledge.

Training on the use of HTML / CSS languages to learn how to customize your site created in WordPress, Joomla! or with other systems.

Training on computer programming , using Python as a reference language, powerful and versatile, usable in different contexts.

Training on the basics of Project Management or in-depth studies on specific topics relating to the different project phases.