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Mobile Phone Repair

Abdul Rimaaz has the best and fastest solutions to problems that arise with Cell Phones.

We are professional mobile phone repair specialists. Our technicians are highly qualified and have extensive experience in cell phone repair and are certified by brands such as Apple and Samsung.


Official Cell Phone Repair

The repair is carried out in the respective brand and is carried out on all components individually and, if applicable, the “exchange” is made for a new equipment. It takes a maximum of 7 business days and maintains the brand warranty (may vary by brand).

Compatible Cell Phone Repair

The repair is made with a very high quality additive and for some brands the repair is done in TIME (approx. 30 minutes). The remaining markets will take less time than necessary. We are committed to making repairs quickly without leaving customers waiting long on their mobile phones.


Free diagonosis of your Computer/ Laptop


7 Working Days


Service satisfaction in repair of your Computer/ Laptop


30 Minutes Wait Time


The Cell Phone Repair you need and you’ll get it right away

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iPhone Cell Phone Repair

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OnePlus Cell Phone Repair

 HTC Cell Phone Repair

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Xiomi Cell Phone Repair

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Asus Cell Phone Repair

Sony Cell Phone Repair

Frequently Asked Questions About Mobile Phone Repair

Yes: if the mobile phone repair is compliant, the component may be replaced with problems, but the device will void the warranty (may vary depending on market policy).

No: Depending on the brand and the market policy, there may be a case where the equipment is replaced because the components are part of one and therefore an exchange policy has been established.

Initially, in the repair of Cell Phones, an analysis of the battery is carried out to determine if it actually has faults or manufacturing problems. Subsequently, our evaluation developed by software and consequent analysis of the hardware, is validated if it is necessary to change the battery or if the problem is due to inconvenient systems, components or other derivations in order to repair the respective Cell Phones.

At the beginning of mobile phone repair, when evaluating software or hardware, it can be diagnosed because it comes through any component, system failure, application errors, errors and more, the method to solve the problem is. displayed correctly. . If it is due to a component, it needs to be replaced in an official or compatible way according to the customer’s preferences, or vice versa, if it is a system, we can fix it by updating the system and fixing bugs. .

Yes: If for the repair of Cell Phones you choose the Official Repair of the brand. It takes a maximum of 7 working days (may vary depending on the company).

No: If you opt for Compatible Repair for cell phone repairs, you DO NOT maintain the brand’s warranty. However, for models of some brands, the repair is done on the spot (Minimum 20 minutes and Maximum 45 minutes) and costs are lower.

To repair mobile phones in the event of water problems or accidents, we recommend that you first switch off the device and then place the mobile phone in rice for 7 days (to absorb moisture). Then go to our store, where it is cleaned by various cleaning, drying and dehumidification processes.

After these procedures, the device is diagnosed if there are any problems with any component and it is effectively possible to successfully and efficiently repair the mobile phones.

When repairing mobile phones, some models have glasses and LCD in the same part. In this way, it is not possible to simply replace the glass as a piece. Also, if it does not work or has problems with touch, it may be caused by problems with some parts of the board.

Note: Replacing the glass or touch simply depends on the brand of the mobile phone.

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