A Company, A Product, A Brand Exist If Communicated

Build your brand, strong, unique and recognizable.

Define an integrated communication strategy with a coherent and impactful graphic line.

The Corporate Image

The image and communication of a company are two indispensable aspects in every business.

Branding is fundamental because it creates recognition, generates value, allows you to stand out from the competition and build customer loyalty.

All this produces positive effects in the company because it constitutes a good step forward in the direction of prosperity and growth in turnover.

Brand and Corporate Identity: what they are and what they are made of

When we talk about corporate communication we mean the Brand Identity or Corporate Identity, otherwise we speak of Brand (which can be a company, a product, a personal Brand).

Both are made up of tangible and intangible elements which, if used in the right way, create recognition, familiarity and uniqueness.

A complete Brand or Corporate Identity is defined by:

  • Name: name (naming)
  • Lettering: font type (the font)
  • Logo: the set of graphic symbols that make up the “drawing”
  • Colors: colors of the “writing”, logo color and company colors
  • Slogan or pay off: the unique phrase that identifies the company (eg Nike “Just do it”)
  • To these we can add two fundamental texts:
  • Mission and Vision: two aspects that identify the values, the purpose of the company and the vision useful for achieving them.

All elements are specified in the “Brand Manual”, the document drawn up by a communication agency that contains the details (dimensions, colors, etc. etc.) and the method of use based on the communication channel.

Finally, there are all the graphics:

1 – Coordinated image

  • Business cards
  • Letterhead
  • Block Notes
  • Folders
  • Envelopes
  • etc.

2 – Packaging

The “packaging” be it of a material product or a service, in general we can have:

  • Product container (ex: “jar”
  • Package containing the container (eg: “box”)
  • Shooper “envelope”

3 – Retal Design

Graphic communication within the point of sale or temporary store

4 – Commercial supports

All communication elements that promote the brand or products:

  • Short Profile
  • Product Brochure
  • Presentation slides
  • etc.

5 – Moodboard

The set of images that aim to convey a feeling, a concept or a state of mind and that the experts implement in the realization of graphic projects.

Integrated communication and raising awareness

With the support of the Brand and Corporate Identity tools, it is possible to make a uniform and recognizable communication by creating ad hoc content based on the type of channel to be used (print media, web / social media, etc. etc.) and highlighting the specific key concepts of the Brand.

Thanks to the Brand Manual, anyone who has to do graphic communication (an agency, an employee or anyone else) has an exhaustive and unambiguous and therefore effective guideline over time. Effective Brand communication also helps to partially increase Brand Awareness.

Brand Awareness is the type of notoriety of a brand, its being important and recognizable in the minds of customers or possible ones (which is also composed of other factors).

  1. Notoriety: Communication, promotion and marketing activities that aim to ensure that the brand is known by a wide audience (or at least by the public of interest).
  2. Brand image: The communication activity of the peculiarities linked to the brand to ensure that it can be recognized and is positioned specifically in the mind of the consumer.

Brand Awareness is key to attracting potential customers and making sure they link specific values to your brand.

Abdul Rimaaz support in creating the Brand and Corporate Identity

Building corporate or brand communication is a job that excites us and challenges our creativity. We have created Naming, Logo Design, Product Design projects, which can only be partially seen in our portfolio, with the ambition to satisfy the wishes of customers by connecting them to what the market is most sensitive to accept.

First of all, we set the objectives, both inside and outside the company, the target (to whom we are addressing) and we study the communication of competitors to understand how to position and / or propose ourselves on the market .

When we accept this type of job we bring artistic skills, communication skills and technical skills into play and, first of all, before proposing any offer we aim to be satisfied and convinced.

Creating an excellent Brand Identity means giving life to an emotional system based not only on the aesthetic aspect of the Brand, but also on a set of codes, signs, colors, fonts and everything that, put together, makes it identifiable among the crowd. .

The creation of a Corporate Identity brings into play many different aspects: visual communication, history, values, ideology behind the structure, the target, etc. All this is by no means randomly assembled, but it is well studied and reflects the constitutive schemes of our “working method”.

It’s time to shape your communication

For your company or your Brand, contact us and explain your idea: Together , through targeted consultancy, we will find the way to make your communication unique, recognizable and familiar to stand out and make your mark in every communication channel or support.