Hire Agile Experts

Competence Center

Abdul Rimaaz’s Competence Center (CoC) offers the allocation of professionals who are proficient in agility with the necessary competencies to ensure the advancement of agile maturity in your company. It is a community of the best professionals constantly exchanging experiences with each other through our networks and our events, sharing best practices and difficulties, seeking solutions to achieve success in our customers. The CoC guarantees the development of our professionals through training and mentoring programs and by always closely monitoring the skills:


Scrum Masters

To ensure the execution of agile framework practices, implement the Lean mindset, lead the team to excellent deliveries and continuous inspection and adaptation, remove impediments, provide adequate feedback, implement metrics and create a healthy environment for the development of the entire team.

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DevOps Architect

With DevOps, work becomes less bureaucratic and cheaper, encouraging the reuse of Agile Development modules, the development of projects that are more flexible to changes, promoting the reduction of delivery efforts, collaboration and communication between teams, which makes the shorter software development and delivery.

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Product Owner

To ensure the best management of your product portfolio, define evolution strategy and roadmap, prioritization chasing delivery value, definition of MVPs strategy and ensure visibility for the entire corporation.

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With markets increasingly competitive and constantly changing, our consultancy To facilitate idealization and co-creation sessions, bring innovative solutions in product development, ensure that the products developed meet the expectations of its customers, support the product owner in defining MVP strategy and to support the team in building the best user experience in the design of solutions. m Governance enables the necessary changes in the organizational structure, in an adaptable manner, integrating employees.

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Agile Coaches

To support the implementation of agile culture throughout the corporation, manage the backlog of cultural change, develop governance that ensures the perpetuity of this culture, manage the guidelines of the framework adopted in the corporation, create a favorable environment for the development of Business Agility, or that is, the adoption of agility at all levels of the corporation, providing the necessary training for everyone to perform their roles in the best way and implanting the mindset of Inspection & Continuous Adaptation, leading the company to advance in the plateaus of maturity.

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