Abdul Rimaaz Business Consultant

Do you need to give your employees an update, a working method on your company’s digital communication?

Are you looking for teachers who can train them on the web marketing theme in the company?


It is the course that you have to choose to help the growth of your company, but above all not to lag behind the new evolutions of digital.



The world of Marketing is now growing exponentially, and everything we probably learn today, tomorrow could be questioned or even replaced with new processes and new tools.

Therefore it is important that your company is up to date, in terms of techniques and tools, this is because your competitors are equipping themselves well in the matter (I assure you because I live it every day) as they have understood the value and importance that today the world of Web Marketing, and therefore of Social Media and all the techniques related to the sale of products and services on the web , they hired.

In the vast majority of the companies I have formed, I have faced situations of great bewilderment, of those who wanted to use social media to communicate, of those who wanted to use the website to sell but could not put their hand, not only, sometimes there were many realities where today there was one thing and tomorrow another (… It’s not the All right but so much does it…?or What does it take, it’s very easy!) .

№! it does and as if it does! and this is almost always the first big stumbling block I face in my web marketing training courses,because that’s where I’ll make you understand:

  • How important it is to learn the value of web marketing applied to your business sector
  • How important is the right choice of Social for your business sector
  • How to properly use web marketing tools to grow your business

If you continue to try and try how to do it, it will ultimately end up very bad for your company’s visibility and digital communication.

By bad I mean that in the first place, you risk throwing away a lot of money, for no reason, when then you can risk being absolutely no one on the web.

  • You won’t be seen by anyone
  • No one will comment on you
  • You will have no web presence value.

And believe me to date no one – apart from the huge Brands – can afford it.

Your staff has the right – and the duty – to be always up to date on the news of the digital world. And you, who care about the health of your brand, have a duty to look for a Marketing course, a company training that is practical, concrete, and ethical, that will also give your employees the opportunity to invest your money in marketing activities for a concrete return of your company.


Tools and Update Method Together

My web marketing courses in the company aim at providing

  1. A precise method
  2. Using the right tools that suit your industry
  3. A complete update to give you an overview of the most useful news in the world of online marketing

How many hours can be useful to engage your collaborators?

This is up to you, from my experience I can tell you that the minimum you need to insure in order to transfer to your staff an effective working method on the subject is 21/24 hours. These are certainly sufficient to achieve the objectives I propose to set.

It is obvious that if you want to explode other topics or ask for my presence for further insights, we will build the path together.

I also suggest you visit my website where I present my general course for Web Marketing Companies.