SEO agency that brings value to your business

If you really want Google as a partner and you will follow me, I will reveal some secrets to:

  • Make organic positioning the best ally of your business
  • Select an excellent partner who can provide you with measurable results

Index of topics covered

  • What is an SEO agency?
  • What does the best SEO agency do?
  • What services should a great SEO agency offer
  • How do the best SEO agencies operate in 2019?
  • Has Google changed and SEO agencies?
  • The value that choosing the best team of SEO consultants can bring to your business
  • Why do I need the business of an SEO agency
  • What your SEO agency may not tell you …
  • SEO Agency: how the job of the best consultant changes from a sorcerer to an SEO strategist and specialist
  • The document of the SEO agency: the SEO Audit and the Inbound Marketing plan
  • The SEO Audit on site document that the best SEO agencies should release
  • The SEO Audit off site document
  • Negative SEO: Does your agency defend you from the bad guys?
  • Positioning on search engines and penalties
  • What if I can’t get the Google ranking I want?
  • When to go to the best SEO agency? The 10 examples where you really need it
  • Where you can find our agency in England

What is an SEO agency?

The SEO agency is an organization made up of SEO specialists and SEO strategists who take care of the organic positioning on Google and other search engines of your digital assets.

What does the best SEO agency do?

It takes care of your online activity and in particular verifies that:

  • Your site is user friendly and ensures a good browsing experience;
  • Your site is technically perfect and able to be correctly indexed by google;
  • Your site is designed to be mobile first or at least responsive (i.e. Mobile friendly);
  • Your site is secure;
  • The content of your site conforms to what your potential customers require (so-called search intent or search intent);
  • Your site is able to become a conversion tool from visitors to leads and customers;
  • Your site loads quickly;
  • Your business objectives are compliant with your digital strategies,
  • Your content marketing activity is seo oriented;
  • Your site is able to keep up with your competition and your target market.

What services should a great SEO agency offer

  • Analysis of SEO factors on site
  • Analysis of on page SEO factors
  • Analysis of the content of the site and individual pages
  • Analysis of the factors of the seo off page
  • Optimization of on-site SEO factors
  • Optimization of on page SEO factors
  • Content creation and optimization (so-called content marketing)
  • Digital strategy activities
  • Monitoring and reporting of the results obtained
  • Comparison and benchmarking activities

How do the best SEO agencies operate in 2021?

Being an SEO agency and providing the best useful advice to your business for an excellent organic ranking (also called algorithmic or natural) on Google is a much more difficult task than what happened until not so long ago.

The only concern of consultants and web agencies specializing in search engine optimization , when search engines were less “intelligent” and competition less aggressive, was to make their client appear with more or less legitimate means on the first page of results (SERP) from Google, Bing, Yahoo !, Yandex and so on and so forth (those with a little more experience will also mention Lycos and Altavista).

Has Google changed and SEO agencies?

Even today, many SEO agencies guarantee the first positions on the SERPs to unsuspecting customers for a series of sensitive keywords WITHOUT EVEN HAVING STUDIED THE REFERENCE SECTOR (something that written like this knows a bit of hoax: what is the search intent behind the queries of your market? who are your competitors on SERPs? what are their sites like? what content marketing activities do they do? how often do they update content? how much do they invest? how long have they been online? are they brands? what link profile do they have? and I could go on almost indefinitely).

In fact, being first on Google or in the top positions of search engines for the keywords (keywords) that are important for your market (read: the most searched) that attract the greatest volumes of traffic and for the greatest number of searches (or queries) long tail or long tail (the related terms) guaranteed (and still does), at least in terms of visits, the success of the activity on the web (and not only).

An SEO agency able to provide excellent support and advice, exploiting the knowledge of the functioning of the algorithms of Google, Bing, Yahoo & co. it had done its job very well, guaranteeing interested visitors (leads and prospects), contacts and perhaps contracts (but this depended and depends above all on the companies).

Thanks to a good job of positioning on search engines, even relatively small companies could take advantage of the wave of visits generated by Big G and become the leader in their market.

In fact, while the majority of companies and professionals who had not understood the logic of the web, were looking for a showcase site perhaps beautiful and better if in flash (later complaining for having wasted their money), the smartest have understood that success to increase visibility, contacts and contracts, was in the SEO optimization of the site and in the consequent positioning on search engines: they understood before others the fundamental importance of visibility on Google’s Serp and the meaning of selecting the best SEO agency.

If you consider that the web is increasingly consulted to obtain information, data, products, itineraries, guides, images, videos, telephone numbers (specialized sources estimate that over 3 billion people search for similar on Google every day), you understand the importance of the activity that an SEO consultancy or an SEO agency can have for your business.

Google, which in England and Europe is the search engine with its 90% market share (i.e. nine out of 10 searches are done on Big G), is a formidable ally (not the only one in truth) to make you known or make your company known.

If your site or blog is not well optimized and positioned for the keywords you are interested in, it will be practically invisible to the people of the web “searchers”, that is useless: on the contrary, if you find yourself on the 10 blue links page Put the spotlight on the world interested in what you have to offer (and not random visitors) 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

(This is an example: with the entry of Universal Search for 10 years the 10 blue links have not been shown and a capable SEO agency in 2019 is able to position you with the best content for the keywords of your interest).

The value that choosing the best team of SEO consultants can bring to your business

The value of good visibility deriving from excellent positioning is invaluable especially for a little-known brand: companies that have a recognizable and appreciated brand, however, have their own audience and their own market.

For outsiders, it is also possible to achieve recognition with other methods: broadcasting commercials on TV or radio, buying space on the pages of magazines or online banners, covering the city with useless posters, and I could continue, but with what costs and with what results? Above all, qualified traffic from search engines is also important for another reason, because Seth Godin taught us that “the age of interrupting and disturbing marketing (and advertising) is over”.

Being visible in SERPs for the right queries (searches) is the ideal example of how to make the most of permissive marketing: it is your customers who want what you have to show or offer from you.

Thanks to the work of the best SEO agency, you can grow your business by providing a useful service to your potential client (not bad I would say!). Furthermore, compared to traditional channels, a good positioning has lasting effectiveness and once acquired it requires much less commitment and effort to be maintained.

The traffic generated by the requests is made up of “hot”, interested contacts, not random people, people looking for what your site offers: they are all potential profiled customers, the best your business can ask for.

Why do I need the business of an SEO agency

In summary: SEO = Sales (or opportunities) at an excellent quality / price ratio.

SEO is essential for every business but it is especially ideal for small companies, bloggers and startups that do not have large budgets but aim to achieve important and lasting results. The investments required to develop and implement a good SEO strategy are among those that generate the greatest return on investment (ROI) over time.

As confirmation of the importance of choosing the right SEO agency, I bring you the latest data from the American market: Google is by far the most important source of organic traffic with almost 70% of requests (in Europe we are over 90%, a natural monopoly) or more than 13,000,000,000 searches in October 2014 alone.

Ranking on Google gives you access to this gold mine of opportunities.

But, more importantly, it is not just the quantitative data that is impressive: it is the disruptive impact that the quality of this traffic can have on your business that makes the difference.

Also from American studies it emerges that in the business to business market (and the same logic applies to the business to consumer market) 57% of marketers say that SEO is the activity that has the greatest impact on lead generation, i.e. it is the activity that converts better, the one that brings more potential customers.

Not only the prospects that come through other channels (advertising, trade fairs, radio and TV shows, etc.) have a conversion rate of 1.7% (i.e. for every 100 potential customers coming from traditional channels only 1.7 become effective customer) the closing rate of leads from search engines is 14.6%.

Furthermore, the results of the search engine optimization work are measurable: with the right setting of the metrics useful for your business (KPI) and a good data analysis activity (Google analytics and WebMaster Tool), you can know the return of every penny spent.

What your SEO agency may not tell you …

So far the good news that you can find on the pages of any SEO agency.

What not everyone says is that: they are not all roses and things are getting more and more complicated.

If you are on the SERPs in a privileged position compared to your competition you certainly have an advantage, but being first on the engines is no longer relatively simple as it was ten years ago (in some sectors it never was): the competition grows day by day. day and there are fewer and fewer niches available, as many have understood the value of SEO.

Furthermore, simple technical expertise, while essential, may not be enough: to attract the visitor you must make your ad more appealing, present more detailed information, be more useful to your business and you must know that a lot of traffic also arrives. from social networks (Facebook in the first place).

SEO Agency: how the job of the best consultant changes from a sorcerer to an SEO strategist and specialist

Until a few years ago the work of the SEO consultant consisted in pleasing your site to Google using mostly tricks and technicalities: today the secret of an agency able to bring results is to make your business like your business. current and potential customers trying to understand their searc intent.

While in the past the work of the SEO Specialist was to fill HTML pages with keywords up to the point (keyword stuffing), to use hidden texts, to collect links (link building: practice still very much in use and useful if done with grain salis) to enter the site in 10,000 directories, to post spam comments in blogs and forums, to use spinners to produce content copied for two lire, (techniques still in vogue and effective, alas, even if Google with various releases is trying to discover and penalize the smart ones.), things are fortunately changing and semantic search is becoming a reality.

Today the good SEO must have not only a specific technical competence, which cannot be missing, but also a knowledge of the other branches of (web) marketing, and in particular must be a strategist, specialized in inbound marketing: he must exploit content marketing, SEO, social media marketing, email marketing, to involve potential customers (the so-called buyer personas) in every phase of their online experience with the company (so-called buyer’s journey).

In fact, whatever the SEO gurus and gurus say or write, able to guarantee the first page on the engines regardless, no one fully knows how Google works and what works today may not work tomorrow and indeed become a cause of penalization (a customer of a competitor for an algorithmic update saw organic traffic drop by 30% overnight).

With this I am not saying that SEO is dead, on the contrary, I am just saying that it is a discipline in continuous evolution and that, if we intend it only as a simple series of technical rules and industrialized operations, not connected to other web marketing activities, it makes no sense and is potentially dangerous.

Don’t believe my words?

Take a tour on the web and you will see that the positioning factors that all blogs and communities are talking about are over two hundred.

Now, it is true that not all of them are determining factors, that often those who write about SEO do it by hearsay without having done tests and experiments and without relevant case histories behind them, but certainly one data emerges clearly: we are faced with a increasingly complex that must be addressed with an organic approach, SEO without content marketing makes little sense today.

Seomoz herself, one of the most famous web agencies in the world and manufacturer of SEO Analysis software, changed its name to Moz and focused its business on Inbound Marketing (i.e. the discipline that combines SEO, Content marketing, SEO Social media marketing, email marketing and pay per click copywriting).

The document of the SEO agency: the SEO Audit and the Inbound Marketing plan

SEO consultancy for an existing online activity must start from the SEO audit: that is a preliminary technical examination to verify the validity of everything that has been done so far to detect any anomalies and correct them.

As we have seen, there are many factors that come into play in positioning on the SERPs. First of all, a good consultant must evaluate the internal factors of the site (ie what depends on us).

The SEO Audit on site document that the best SEO agencies should release

Just to make a summary list of the elements that a good consultancy must evaluate (SEO checklist) I give you some ideas:

  • Accessibility of the site to search engines
  • Number of indexed pages
  • Site structure
  • Page structure
  • Presence of 404
  • Checking the html code
  • Site loading speed
  • Sitemap
  • Examination of url
  • Site content
  • Existence of duplicate content
  • Verification of title, description, alt image etc.
  • Internal links
  • Backlinks (i.e. Links that come from other sites)
  • Presence of structured data
  • Accessibility of the site from mobile devices (tablets, smartphones)
  • Traffic analysis

Already doing a good internal SEO audit and fixing any problems detected, we are well advanced: in many niches where the competition does not bite this operation can guarantee improvements and visibility on Google.

Unfortunately, however, not everything depends on us: what we can achieve depends on the strength of our competitors; it is one thing to have on the SERPs as an Amazon competitor, one thing is to have the little shop around the corner. To try to understand how to act and implement an SEO and Inbound Marketing strategy and plan, it is necessary to study the reference market online (which does not always coincide with the offline one).

The SEO Audit off site document

The SEO Cheklist of the main competitors includes a series of analyzes that can give us an overall picture of the situation. Just to give you a brief idea, I make you a list of the elements to be evaluated in the SEO Audit to evaluate the relevance and authority of the competitors:

  • How long have I been online
  • How many contents they have
  • How their contents are made
  • How often they update
  • How much (estimated) traffic comes from the serps
  • For which keywords they compete
  • What backlink profile they have

Do you need SEO consultancy? Contact us: time is your best ally.

Negative SEO: Does your agency defend you from the bad guys?

From the picture I gave you, you will have understood that if you want to approach SEO professionally and guarantee yourself an excellent positioning, you must turn to experienced professionals.

SERP visibility is so important to business that competitors try to steal your visits or make you disappear from organic results pages by playing dirty.


Trying to hack your site, duplicate your content, fill you with unnatural links and use a series of dirty techniques (black hat) that can do you tremendous damage by making you look like a villain in the eyes of Google. If you find yourself under attack from negative SEO then contact an SEO Agency as soon as possible that knows how to remedy the problem before it is too late.

Positioning on search engines and penalties

Yes, because Google is constantly looking for quality and wants to reward (even if it doesn’t always succeed) those who play according to its rules. Your SEO consultant, in addition to having to defend your business from the algorithmic updates of the big G (more than 500 a year), as well as making sure that your SEO strategy adapts to the new ways of using the web (think about how they appear different search results from your Smartphone and your tablet from which almost 50% of traffic arrives) must be careful to avoid manual or algorithmic penalties that the Mountain View engineers issue to win the fight against spam and low quality results .

Have you ever heard of quality rater, Google Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird?

Now almost monthly there are releases to guarantee the goodness of the search results and if you run into a penalty, believe me it’s not a good thing. As I have already said, if you turned to the right agency, which did not force your hand to obtain an unnatural positioning using tricks and means but focused on the quality of the content written following the rules of SEO Copywriting, you can rest assured (even if Google every now and then declares war on legitimate techniques such as guest blogging), if instead a dirty job has been done, try to fix it as soon as possible, start focusing on work well done and not on gimmicks.

What if I can’t get the Google ranking I want?

It is something that can happen, but you must not despair: the careful analysis of the SERPs is fundamental.

Knowing what kind of results users are looking for (and which Google gives preference to) when entering queries is essential for studying a winning organic visibility strategy.

These analyzes will allow a good SEO Agency to realistically tell you, after understanding the objectives of your business and your potential, what is possible to do and will study with you a plan to guarantee you visits, traffic and returns.

If it will be possible to get the first positions on search engines for sensitive and high traffic keywords, good, but in any case this could not happen, studying a local SEO strategy, or long tail keywords, with a good Inbound marketing plan , a serious agency will bring you, over time, the results you can realistically aspire to.

If, on the other hand, from the examination of your situation it emerges that you do not have the means, the time, the patience to succeed with an SEO strategy, a good WEB agency will be able to advise you on the right SEM strategy or direct you to market places, portals. generalists, OTAs, the right social commerce channels for your business.

The web does not work miracles and not everyone can do business with the Internet, but the Net is still the most democratic market that exists and if you have something valid to offer you too can carve out your niche, your glimpse into an ever-expanding universe. and full of opportunities.

Do you need SEO consultancy or a web strategy? Contact us: time is your best ally.

SEO consultant or 360 ° SEO agency?

If you are exhausted you can leave the page but if you want to know everything…. I will help you answer the last question: you will discover the type of advice that is right for you, the one that can really make you turn.

A specialist SEO Consultant or a 360 ° consultancy able to assess the health of my business on the web?

What do you really need to get your business or profession off the ground? ”

When to go to the best SEO agency? The 10 examples where you really need it

As you will have understood above, I spoke to you as an SEO (consultant) now I am speaking to you as an entrepreneur trying to recap one of the situations for which you need a professional in the sector. If you are looking for a search engine expert you are surely in one of the following situations:

You have to create a site and you know that a simple showcase site, however phantasmagoric it may be, is actually like Cocciante’s song, “Bello senzanima”. If a website does not bring visitors and does not intercept new users and potential contacts, it is useless (unless you work for Ferrari, for Chanel, for Apple or brands of similar caliber), it is like a beautiful magazine that no one will leaf through. So you don’t just want to “build a site” but you are looking for a powerful engine capable of accelerating your business and your profession and you are off on the right foot (congratulations, you are one of the few in England!);

You already have a site, but it is only visited by you and your four friends. Maybe you have relied on a local web agency, a relative or a friend of your friend, or you have believed in the handyman sellers of companies that make photocopy sites (without a soul) in industrial quantities and now you have realized that to save you have wasted . (If you have relied on site farms you have not even saved: you pay an exorbitant annual fee to receive nothing in return!). You have wasted money, you have wasted time, and you have left many potential customers while maybe your competitor … (if you fall into this category, don’t worry, you are in good company and you have a way to fix it, but remember that those who arrive late have bad accommodation);

You want to try to make it abroad and you need a consultant or specialist expert in International SEO, and as you know, depending on your target market, Yandex, Baidu, Bing and Yahoo can come in handy … (congratulations you are a really smart type and you will go far);

You had a nice business that used the web and search engine marketing as leverage, but you lost positions, traffic and a lot of money because:

You have been penalized by Google. Your old SEO consultant maybe used techniques that were not really legitimate and to guarantee you immediate results, make you be first on search engines with means and means, to get the fee paid, he has traveled dangerous paths and now you pay the consequences (If you return to this category do not blame yourself too much, it happens even to the best ones. If instead you have been warned … Consciously or unknowingly you are a victim of the monstrous animals that Google uses to track down the cunning ones: Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird, the Mephistophelic hummingbird. The only advice I give you in this case it is to hurry up: every day that passes you lose money and the possibility of recovering);

You launched your new website, blog or e-commerce convinced to improve and maybe because you didn’t turn to a good SEO consultant or your agency didn’t have the right skills, you made a painful hole in the water. (Even if you fall into this category there are also internationally renowned brands; the only advice I give you is to hurry up. The sooner you try to remedy the mistake, the more likely you are to get the bad thing back);

You have been attacked by a competitor who has holed your site (negative SEO) for illegal purposes and is causing you to get penalized (and therefore you are losing rankings and visits) or is showing your visitors one thing for another (This , believe me it is a hateful and unacceptable situation, but in the world there have always been bad guys and when it comes to money …);

you did not do much to achieve excellent visibility on the SERPs (search engine results pages) and your competitors, who have understood the equation of positioning on Google = money, have moved to run for cover and are “stealing “(This time lawfully) customers, opportunities, revenues and future (perhaps by turning to the right SEO agency (which directed them on the right path to unseat you for life. The market sometimes plays tricks!);

they made you believe that pay per click, (improperly called SEM and which in itself is an excellent tool to achieve certain specific objectives) that is, paying for visibility on Google at auction is equivalent to being organically positioned on search engines … this case, I think you are feeling cheated). Now unfortunately you have discovered that if you don’t insert the coin the game doesn’t work or that the game has become too expensive or rather uneconomic (an expensive thing can still be convenient and cheap if the benefits or ROI are greater than the costs. Translated if you spend 1 and the return is 1.1 keep spending otherwise you are a fool!);

Then there is a sui generis case: maybe you have excellent positioning and excellent visibility in the SERP, you intercept the right queries (queries) you have chosen the appropriate keywords but your site does not convert (your e-commerce does not sell, it does not receive requests for quotations, your blog does not bear fruit).

Well, in this case you are in a position of advantage over all the other categories but you need to find out as soon as possible if:

it depends on your way of doing business or on the quality of the product or service you offer (and then you have to do a good examination of conscience and maybe look for what people say about you on the net),

it depends on the fact that your site, although well positioned, has some logical or technical gaps, and makes conversion difficult or unappetizing (there are sites where to get to the purchase you have to face obstacles or which, for example, are not responsive and do not convert traffic from smartphones) or does not request useful data. (In this case you need, more than in other cases, an expert consultant in inbound marketing, the branch of web marketing that studies how to make the most of a digital project and a website).

To respond to your business goals, an SEO specialist consultant, if good, can do a lot, but today the necessary skills can hardly be concentrated all in one person. The era of SEO is over in which to get results it was enough to circumvent search engines, by means and means and pick up links of dubious value right and left (no link building, yes to link earning).

The era of duplicate content sold by weight is over, perhaps made through special software (the .cd spinner): or rather, if some of these activities can still bring results, they are destined to be discovered and penalized (translation: when Google discovers you will be pains).

If you want to build your fortune on the web on solid and sustainable foundations, able to really create value, then you must know that perhaps you do not need only a specialist but you need an agency composed of strategists, specialists, experts in analysis of data (analytics, performance marketing, etc.), SEO Copywriters, content marketers (i.e. capable of producing original content, the only lawful and safe way to guarantee lasting and unassailable results).

Now it may happen that “exceptional” figures enclose all these professional skills (?) But usually, when a delicate surgery is performed, on which the patient’s health depends, one turns to a team or a team: even the best known luminary medicine needs anesthetist, ferrist, help, etc. Without it he would do very little!

Would you be operated by a factotum?

For the health of your business (on which your mental health at least depends) do you intend to rely on a guru?

Think of the health of your online business as your real health, what you need is a 360 ° consultancy made by a team, not a simple SEO consultant (also because if you do not have the necessary skills with only consulting you will not much).

A good SEO agency or rather an agency that knows inbound marketing can help you to clearly identify:

  • Business objectives (always remember marketing is the means, business the goal);
  • Lawful strategies to obtain the results you aim for;
  • Find the most interesting keywords from an seo perspective (long tail but not only);
  • Help create seo friendly content able to intercept qualified traffic,
  • Advise you on how to manage the blog and help you in drafting the editorial calendar,
  • Insert triggers (so-called “triggers”) on your pages to push your potential customers into action,
  • Test, analyze and modify what’s wrong,
  • Suggest paid campaigns (adwords or facebook ads)
  • Suggest the right social media marketing strategy
  • Various and possible.

Ok, if you’ve come this far, I think I’ve convinced you. But why should you choose us? Many call themselves “the best agency”, many guarantee safe results, many certify the first position on Google.

To be serious, we don’t!

We only tell you that we have excellent SEO specialists, SEO strategists and web analysts, that we collaborate with important realities to which we have brought tangible results and that for over 4 years we have been teaching SEO and Inbound Marketing courses on Ninja Academy. We don’t promise you imaginary Abdul Rimaaz, but we will make you get the most out of your online business.

Where you can find our agency in England:

If you want to take advantage of our collaboration, you can find us in England in via Abdul Rimaaz Web Agency UK.