Abdul Rimaaz Business Consultant

Transportation of Artworks

Creating a work of art is a complex operation: weakness, price and size are the 3 factors that together make a company. Abdul Rimaaz combines love, experience and professionalism.

Thanks to the contribution of qualified staff in the management of works of art and cars equipped for loading expensive things, we guarantee you a safe and inaccessible service. The transfer of a work of art may be necessary when transferring personal belongings or building art exhibitions.

Our transport of works of art takes place at home and abroad. For the preparation of exhibitions abroad, the presence of works of art in Italy is usually required for a limited period. For safe transport, specific boxes and packages must be used to carry the artwork.

Specific equipment for works of art includes: isothermal boxes with ratchet strap, side rail, stop, air conditioning and safety control, floor jackets, satellite alarms and air suspension.

What do our procedures for artistic transportation services include?

Abdul Rimaaz personally oversees all stages of the transport of works of art, from the management of customs procedures and permits to the Chief Inspector and the Ministry of Fine Arts to the establishment of a comprehensive “nail by nail” insurance.

How can you secure works of art?

Below is an article on the conditions of insurance provided by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and activities in the case of lending works for exhibitions in Italy and abroad.

Insurance – Jobs are insured for the amounts indicated by this Chief Inspector using a formula other than “nail to nail”, with the widest guarantee of any type of damage. The state will be accepted after verification by this office. A copy of the full terms and conditions of government policy must be received at least 2 months in advance. Any personal risk, disclosure or excluded risks must be guaranteed through the Service. The policy labeled as insured should include the following words: “The guardians of the historical, artistic and ethno-anthropological heritage of the provinces of Siena and Grosseto and the people are in favor.” In the event of theft, even very minor damage or an accident to a work of art, in addition to the insurance company, the supervisor should be informed immediately by telegraph or fax with a detailed description of the incident. The manager has the right to take out a loan at any time without paying if there are no sustainable conditions for continuing to work. Packing and shipping ‘.


How does it work and conduct work?

In addition, Porter ensures packaging and safe transport. When the piece is picked up and delivered anywhere in the world, it is placed in the usual boxes, at controlled temperature and humidity, with air conditioning and non-flammable.

If the journey is long and it is necessary to temporarily store the works in warehouses, then check them for safety and climatic conditions. The latest security system and, if necessary, armed escorts.

During the transport, two drivers will be available, both with mobile phones and available for any route changes or timetables. Vehicles are currently financed in legible and regularly controlled satellite.

We announced this issue in terms of packaging and transport provided by the Ministry and Culture and Culture and Culture and Abroad.


“The packaging and transport of works of art should only take place through operators and transport specialists in the sector (registered with ICEFAT, International Convention of Exhibition and Fine Art Transporters, a worldwide association of companies specializing in the transport of works of art.) The right not to accept carriers or packers who do not provide a specific guarantee of professionalism and experience.- The inspector has the right to choose the most appropriate mode of transport for the type of exhibition and the state.

Packaging and transport must be carried out strictly in the presence of a supervisor who can take the most appropriate measures for maintenance and safety of work, packaging and transport. – The Superintendent has the right to request armed escort during transport in Italy and abroad. They should usually be accompanied by the state police; if not, private escorts may be accepted. -All transport, packaging, handling, management and all other expenses associated with the loan are covered in full by the organizing committee.