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Driver Removal: Vehicle Safety and Motor Vehicle Safety

Anyone who owns a scooter or motorbike is probably the most comfortable way to deal with the tighter traffic in our busy cities today than with a powerful engine ready to ride. unique and adrenaline feelings and emotions from driving, very familiar, for the actual step or just the location of the car, facing problems and difficulties.

The ideal solution for solving any complication is to rely on serious professionals who have the most suitable tools, technologies and technical knowledge that they can use to transport and relative delivery of a motorcycle or scooter. , completely safe and very fast.

Our company, Abdul Rimaaz, has now been a leader in the field of engine, car and automobile operation for many years and is able to take care of the needs of those who want to move their motorcycle without hesitation and ride. degrees. personally; We have offices and branches in all regions of Italy, so we can provide comprehensive services in the name of the highest efficiency.


Maintaining a superficial and improvised manner can lead to complex and dangerous situations and conditions, damage the protection of the motorcycle, expose it to all kinds of risks; In addition, towing and road transport legislation is more complex and stricter, requires special documentation in connection with obtaining special permits, and provides for long and severe penalties for offenders.

Why is it dangerous to carry a motorcycle to a car?

The first thing to consider when transporting a motorcycle is reliability. In fact, this car is more of a two-wheeler, it must be perfectly placed on the body of the used cart or trunk.The supports, belts and brackets used to stabilize the transport must prevent vibrations which, due to the roughness of the road surface, endanger the balance of the vehicle, cause dangerous vibrations or, in the worst case, destructive return; at the same time, a minimum of freedom of movement must be guaranteed in order to avoid excessive rigidity of the overall structure, which will cause cracks and damage to certain elements or weaker and more dangerous accessories.

Once the motorcycle is packaged, these precautions are improved because the same protective structure, whether defective or maintained, can pose an increased risk to the motorcycle being transported and the vehicle removed.Another very important aspect is the liquid substances, very often flammable, that occur inside the motorcycle: the leakage of diesel, oil or lubricants from the tank and other technical containers actually leads to a very high risk in a possible situation. in fire. or, at best, a stain, though irreversible, from the colors, graphics and stickers placed on the fairing. Facchino float. Includes cars and accessories specially designed and equipped with special equipment obviously intended for the operation of motorcycles and scooters; In addition, loaders and drivers are exclusively and directly selected and towed by our staff, who are constantly trained and updated on the most accurate fitting techniques for two-wheeled vehicles.

2011 Honda Scooter Aviator Deluxe

Take the Scooter by Train or courier

Driving a two-wheeled car is not only a simple matter of control, but also a property with a very high intrinsic value. In addition to economic considerations, it is necessary to consider the affective value, which often plays a decisive role in motorcycles, including psychological.Abdul Rimaaz is able to guarantee our customers the full implementation of transport management with us: in any case, the specific insurance that we assign to companies with proven reliability will cover all types of damage you may incur during the trip.


Additional Services for the Transport of Motorcycles and Cars

Sometimes you can’t move your motorcycle to a new destination immediately, but at the same time you have to make sure you don’t leave it in the old place. In this case, if the customer needs to use the storage service of their motorcycle for a certain period of time, we can use special private and shared spaces, which are monitored 24 hours a day in video monitoring systems.Even in this case, the two-wheeled car is covered by a special fuse that protects it from any damage during the entire storage period.


Bring Old Motorcycles

If the motorcycle supplied by the management company is too old or even older, the steps to be taken will multiply: first, some parts may require special protection, such as repairs, support and foam rubber. To guarantee almost perfect. In addition, some aesthetic elements (chrome plating, decoration, crystals, leather parts) require specific and controlled microclimatic conditions to be maintained.

We at Porter.It also take care of all these aspects of use when it comes to fully insulated cars with sophisticated equipment that can guarantee constant maintenance of the right level of temperature and required humidity.


Why rely on any car transport experts?

As already mentioned, dissatisfaction with temporary solutions for road transport can lead to serious problems; it is more appropriate to appoint sector specialists who are able to provide all administrative and technical tasks necessary for full operation on behalf of the client.

At Abdul Rimaaz. These things are our business philosophy: you can understand this from the name of the company, where we take our business motto: “Take a step from A to Z”. This means that the movement of things is planned with almost obsessive care and every detail is fully considered, whether it is a long journey or even a relatively short journey.

Motorcycle Transport costs, Road Transport prices

If you are planning a motorcycle ride, it is always a good idea to compare multiple estimates so that you can accurately estimate the costs incurred. It is very important to verify the exact proportional burden of the various factors involved in setting the final price: some services, even the basic ones, can be incomprehensible and therefore shocking.

Abdul Rimaaz offers a new citation method that allows the user to determine the degree of his active participation in the various stages of the movement: from the so-called “do-it-yourself” movement (where only one driver delivers). if he personally relies on the customer to perform packaging, loading and unloading, subject to “economic relocation” (leaving only the package free), to achieve the much-sought-after “All-inclusive Removal” standard, in which all stages of the operation are performed. directly from Abdul Rimaaz.