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Piano Transport

Do you move and have a piano with things with you? Did they give you a piano and you want to send it home? Do you need to move the piano from one room to another in the house and you don’t know how? For the transport of pianos throughout Italy, Europe or the international transport of pianos, please contact us for a free quote or more information.

Abdul Rimaaz is a leader in the transportation of pianos worldwide. Thanks to our unique way of wearing pianos, we can guarantee safe and error-free handling of such valuable property. We provide transportation to:

  • Pianos with straight walls
  • Half pianos
  • Pianos

What are the main risks of playing the piano?

First, the piano is a valuable and fragile musical instrument. Internal mechanisms can be easily damaged, so accidental transport can seriously affect the proper operation of the tool.

In addition, the size and weight of the tip are two factors that make movement even more difficult. Imagine that a straight piano, those leaning against a wall, can weigh about 200 kg, those in the middle can easily exceed 300 kg, and finally the wings can easily weigh 500 kg.

Last but not least, the piano is made of wood. This material is known to be more sensitive to external factors such as temperature and relative humidity. Because the tool is exposed to external stress during clean or very hot days, it can change its shape.

The ideal piano transport should take place in mild climates, often in the middle of the season, with temperatures of 17 ° / 18 ° C and a relatively low humidity of almost 50%.

Our modes of transport predisposed to the movement of musical instruments have good conditions, thanks to the presence of humidifiers or dehumidifiers. They are also insulated to ensure perfect balance even in high sections in adverse weather conditions outdoors.

How safely do you move and carry the piano?

The second thing you need to do is secure these pieces and pack them properly. Professional impact-resistant materials, such as airball or bubble wrap, can protect sensitive areas, such as keeping corners and reflections intact.

In addition to good climatic conditions that do not affect the operation of the piano, a good operator must also take care of disassembling and packing the instrument.

The use of professional equipment for descending or climbing stairs is essential.

Ad hoc slides or special harnesses allow the piano to slide on the floor without damaging it. If the width of the ladder allows, there is also a mechanical instrument, a piano plan, which can be used to raise or lower the piano mechanically.

The first thing you need to do before moving the piano is, in any case, the lighting.

Removable structures can be removed to make the device easier to manage. Common parts, such as the foot, lid, music stand, or keyboard cover, can break.

How much does it cost to bring a piano?

To find out the price of a piano machine, ask for a free, non-binding quote. Tell us the size and weight of your piano. Please let us know the place of collection or delivery.

Then we will prepare a free quote for national and international piano removals.