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Creation of websites in Dubai and remotely throughout UAE. Do you have a business and want to make yourself known on the web? Discover my website creation and SEO optimization service.

Creation of websites in Dubai

Dubai website creation

If you want to make yourself known online, the first step is to create a website, a virtual place in which to promote your image (personal or corporate), your products and your services.
In fact, according to recent statistics, 1 out of 3 UAE’s do it online when looking for a product or service. So, you will understand how important it is to rely on a professional web designer and be present on the web to be found by your potential customers. The creation of web sites today is a priority for anyone who has a business.

A web design project

The analysis of your goals and the audience you are targeting

In creating a website, the aspects to be taken care of are different, we start from understanding your goals, important questions to understand what you want to achieve are:

  • What is your goal with the website?
  • What do you want to promote?
  • Do you want to promote your personal branding or the image of your company?
  • What is the image you want to give?
  • Who does your product or service refer to? So what s your typical customer?
Why have a website?

Dubai website creation

The 10 steps I take for a project

1. Analysis of your goals

When you start with a new website creation project it is essential to understand what the starting objectives are and to study together the best way to go and that will lead to the maximum result. There are many types of services: websites to promote your services, e-commerce for online sales, industry blogs, forums.

2. Study of competitors

The study of the sector and competitors is one of the most important phases and perhaps even the most underestimated by professionals. You have to understand which companies are successful in your sector and work to create differentiating elements. Growth opportunities are defined in relation to competition and keyword optimization. This aspect is closely linked to your goals and ambitions.

3. Competitive prices

For a professional or for the entrepreneur of a small company, the cost of a website can often be expensive, especially if you turn to large web agencies. The advantage of having a freelancer available is certainly that of accessing offers from cheap sites, at competitive prices and that fit your budget.

4.Best WordPress Hosting

To create websites I rely on the best domain + WordPress hosting package in circulation that guarantees high performance, necessary to be able to grow and climb the heights of Google. I follow the customer in the choice and registration of the domain , up to the development and optimization.

5. Development on WordPress

At this stage I choose the ideal web design to assign to your website based on the sector you work in and the characteristics of your brand. I can apply showcase layouts to your pages or customized. The creation of my sites takes place with WordPress, the best CMS around for three reasons: it is fast, it is easy to manage and it is authoritative.

6. Mobile friendly

The’ Mobile optimization is critical to websites in any industry, that’s why in all sites that I create I apply a professional theme, which allows me to fit all of your content on computers, tablets and smartphones of all kinds.

7. Installing the plugins

The WordPress plugins are small gratuti and paid programs that are installed on the website to enhance its functionality, there are well-known plugin to add functionality such as: plugin for SEO , popup plugin, plugin for safety. I choose for you the most important and safest, selected according to your needs.

8. Persuasive copywriting

The words have a central role because they represent the way we communicate, so the right words can determine the choice of a potential customer to get in touch with you or not. For some years I have been studying linguistic persuasion techniques and I am optimizing my texts accordingly.

9. SEO optimization

SEO search engine optimization is the discipline that deals with the optimization of your website on search engines, in fact once the site is created the final goal should be to bring qualified traffic to it, that’s why it is a vital aspect. I know all the stages of SEO and I foals more on SEO on page content.

10. Any management support

Once you have finished creating the website, there are two options for maintaining, restyling and updatingyour website: you can be autonomous and take care of it yourself or contact me. You are free to choose and if you want to be independent you can easily access the site and modify every part

Ready-made layouts or customized?

The WordPress theme I use already has layouts in its library, but obviously based on your needs and the budget you have available I can create one tailored for you.

Sites with WordPress

The best performing CMS in the world for the creation of your internet sites.
For the creation of websites I use WordPress.org the platform that allows you to have high- performance and self-updating websites WordPress has already been chosen by some of the most famous companies in the world and by important such as: Walt Disney Company, BBC America, MTV News, Beyonce, Bata, Pepsi, The Blonde Salad by Chiara Ferragni, Katy Perry, Usain Bolt, Justin Timberlake.

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