Abdul Rimaaz Business Consultant

Abdul Rimaaz Marketing Methodologies and Strategies Abdul Rimaaz is a Business Marketing Consulting Agency that offers strategies, projects and services for medium and large companies. We are the ideal partner for all companies that want to develop their business by outsourcing marketing and sales development activities with a focus on achieving objectives. Since 2010 I have been carrying out the activity of Marketing Consultant with the aim of developing business through Marketing Strategies for medium and large companies. I listen We listen to our interlocutor to understand the Business, the peculiarities and above all the Marketing needs. Analysis We analyze all the information provided by the customer, we compare them with the data of the market and competitors. Strategy To provide a winning solution, our plan takes into consideration: objectives, budget and timing. Action We carry out the activities together with internal company resources and / or through the management of the partners involved. Our business is to develop business through Marketing by creating strategies and carrying them out. Abdul Rimaaz Marketing Consultant, Project Manager and as creative as … Areas Of Interest
  • Find new customers
  • Improve sales
  • Market surveys
  • Marketing for Start Up
  • Increase in contacts
  • Brand awareness development
  • Advertising campaigns
  • Training and Coaching
Services Abdul Rimaaz provide for the clients all over the Globe
  1. Marketing Consultancy
We start from the objectives and strategies, we propose tools and activities only if useful for business purposes.
  1. Commercial strategies
The Sales department is a precious department for the company, which is why we study winning strategies together with the sales force.
  1. Marketing plans
For Companies and Start Ups we create Marketing Plans in response to the constant changes in the market.
  1. Market surveys
We provide business information with surveys on competitors, the market, potential customers and customer satisfaction.
  1. Project Marketing
We support Start Ups by providing advice, tools and Know How to increase the success of their projects.
  1. Brand Communication
We help you to have a recognizable brand with a well-defined graphic style that makes it unique in the market. We like challenges, we do not set limits but we find ways to overcome them. The Corporate Marketing Consultant In companies very often the Marketing department is already active but sometimes, to increase or improve existing activities, it is necessary to include an external company Marketing Consultant in the company. The real objective of the Consultant is to support the Company in creating strategies aimed at achieving or improving the pre-established and / or expected results. The Corporate Marketing Consultant deals with Marketing of b2b and b2c companies and his figure is also a winner in charitable organizations (see Save the Children and Telethon to name two known in Italy). The different variations of the Marketing Consultant can be:
  • Web Marketing Consultant
  • SEO Specialist
  • Social Media Manager
  • Digital Pr
  • Start Up Consultant
It is known that there are more qualified professions for each marketing sector; it is therefore important that a Marketing Consultant has a basic understanding of each of these.   The desire to know, the desire to experiment and to optimize are aptitude skills that perfect the academic path and that identify a Marketing Consultant. How does a marketing consultancy work? I try to describe how a marketing consultancy is carried out from the point of view of the client who contacts a Marketing Agency. In the first contact, the Consultant listens to the client’s needs to understand if the project and / or problem submitted can or cannot be taken on board. Empathy and transparency are fundamental elements from the first contact to subsequently establish a balanced relationship of work, respect and trust. Depending on the type of project, the timing of implementation can change, so the Consultant only after fully understanding the client’s needs can he get a complete picture to propose a work project. There are many types of contracts or agreements but, regardless of this, it is important that at least three elements are necessarily present in the proposal:
  1. Activities
  2. Times
  3. Costs
If required by the project, or if the consultant deems it necessary, a section dedicated to ROI (Return of Investment), revenue forecast, or even other objectives (Lead, Audience, Brand Positioning, etc. etc.) is added. After the parties have accepted the agreement, we proceed with the work and the activity of the Consultant begins, who will become, for the period of the collaboration, an integral part of the company and of the team that carries it out. During his work the consultant comes into contact with confidential information and therefore in many cases, for the safety of the company, a confidentiality contract is signed. This contract is only an addition to the correctness of a “good” consultant who for his interest must always maintain a professional and discreet attitude. Collaboration with the customer can be terminated on a precise and pre-established expiration date. Other times the collaboration, on the other hand, is continuous and does not have an exact expiration date but is subject to the achievement of a specific goal. In my opinion, in both cases, however, both the Consultant and the client can decide to interrupt the collaboration if they are not satisfied with how things are proceeding, or with the results obtained, or due to new problems that have arisen, etc., etc. In this way I think I offer transparency and professionalism. During the activity of the Consultant it will be essential to schedule the comparison steps at time intervals to verify the activities carried out, the results achieved and compliance with the budget. Google searches on “marketing consultancy”and the answers to the most frequently asked questions:   Question: How much does a marketing consultancy cost? The price of a Marketing consultancy can vary depending on the needs: the consultant or consultant with a working staff and the essential times for the activities budgeted make the difference. Let’s say that a consultation can cost from € 1,000.00 up to € 10,000.00 per month; there are also consultancies with much higher prices but let’s talk about Top Brand Manager. Question: Marketing consulting hourly cost The hourly cost in Marketing consultancy is established on the basis of exclusive agreements between the parties, the relationship will not be continuous but linked to the precise time of the consultancy. This type of approach is generally valid for specialized and operational consultants (Seo Specialist, Social Media Manager, etc. etc.) who are not required to have a general strategy but more specific advice from a branch of Marketing.  Question: The contract for a Marketing consultancy The agreement that defines a consultancy can be temporal or to achieve objectives; it can be slender or very detailed. It is possible to say that there is no standard, it is certainly professionally correct that the consultant in presenting his proposal is exhaustive, clear in the figures, sincere with respect to his professional skills and willing to achieve the objectives  Question: What is a Strategic Marketing Consultant When you want to have the collaboration of a Marketing Consultant, reference is made to a professional figure who operates in the implementation of Marketing strategies ensuring that they are carried out, and who takes care of the general management, delegating more operational and technical aspects to other specialized positions in the different fields. Question:  What is the Operational Marketing Consultant The Strategic Marketing Consultant by its nature is also operational! However, it must be borne in mind that there are other figures who provide their service through specific knowledge and practices, these are properly called “operational” and from these other figures it is possible to request a strategy directly linked to one’s field of interest. The Marketing Consultant, as already stated, always remains in control of the general strategy or its support. Question: What is Online Marketing Consultancy A distinction must be made between an online Marketing Consultancy intended as a support to the activities carried out online and the Online Marketing Consultancy understood as the use of IT systems for carrying out the consultancy (Skype, Team Viewer, Webinar, etc., etc.). In the first case, you are looking for a Web Marketing Consultant who knows the dynamics of web promotion and sales (Google Ads, Social Media, SEO, SEM, etc., etc.) and who knows how to create a web strategy that integrates into the Marketing activities. In the second case it is a consultant who uses IT systems to carry out remote consultancy, thus reducing the cost of the consultancy itself. To make a difference, a strategic Marketing Consultant must “live” the company or the work team, but in some cases can integrate the activity with online consultancy sessions.