Abdul Rimaaz Business Consultant

Garage Door

Risks of automatic garage doors

The statistics are impressive since they speak of some 27,000 accidents, which occur in Spain, directly related to automatic garage doors, a very high number if one takes into account that there are safety regulations in this regard that warn about provisions to guarantee safe use of these devices. The current regulations on the correct...

management software

Advantages and criticalities of adopting a new business management software

Today, having management software has become mandatory for companies to remain competitive. The adoption of new business management software brings considerable advantages to companies, but there are also some points to which particular attention must be paid to ensure that the process of adopting the new management solution runs smoothly. So let’s see the main...

Medical pads manufacturer in Rickmansworth

Medical Pads and Sanitary Pads to Help Those in Need

Underpads, moreover called Chux, are extremely good absorbent pads commonly used to guard the mattress against urine damage. The pad is located above or under the linens or private desire and absorbs leaking liquid. Underpads have become the same old in long-time care facilities and hospitals to guard mattresses and furnishings against urine damage and...

SAFe Advanced Scrum Master Training

How to increase productivity with Agility

What does it mean to increase the productivity of a company? At first, you might have the idea that it would be producing more of the same. Scaling the product or service by expanding the number of calls. However, organizational productivity is related, yes, to the ability to perform, but also to the amount of...

John Labunski Financial Consultant

Financial Consultant: The solution your business needs!

Every business needs to have its accounts up to date to start becoming profitable, do you agree Financial Consultant? However, the headache of many managers is precisely looking for the correct way to organize everything and leave a positive balance at the end of each month. Internal financial team, consultants, accountant… There are so many...

auditors in Dubai

Internal Auditor: what it does, how to become one and job opportunities

Internal auditor: who is he and what does he do? Let’s see in detail what this professional figure does, the requirements and job opportunities in this field. The term internal audit refers to all the consultancy activities required for or by a company. Specifically, these are actions that aim to clarify the various management and...


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