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Anti-Money Laundering for Accountants and Studies

Software to manage all anti-money laundering obligations : performance, risk assessment, due diligence, customer file, constant control procedure.

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In line with the Legislative Decree 231/2007, amended by Legislative Decree. 90/2017 and by Legislative Decree 125/2019, and with the guidelines of the CNDCEC.


Checklists, performance examples and suggested procedures help you assess risks and verify customers.


You can schedule the constant control of the Client based on the degree of risk and due diligence measures.


Keep a calendar of training events dedicated to staff and collaborators with the related minutes.

The anti-money laundering software


  • Personal data
  • Performance
  • Risk assessment
  • Due diligence
  • Client file
  • Risk self-assessment
  • Training


  • Determination of the actual risk and the type of due diligence to be applied
  • New prints for the client file as per CNDCEC guidelines
  • Monitoring of expiration of identity documents and corporate offices
  • Constant control programming
  • Calendar of training events for staff and collaborators and minutes

Anti-Money Laundering


The solution for compliance with anti-money laundering legislation

Anti-Money Laundering is the software developed by Abdul Rimaaz software for professionals who deal with customer financial transactions with related obligations to be fulfilled to monitor correctness and transparency. You will manage all anti-money laundering obligations, according to the provisions of Legislative Decree 231/2007 , amended by Legislative Decree. 90/2017 and by Legislative Decree 125/2019 .


For Professionals

-Tax practitioners
-Labor consultants
-Business consultants
-Legal auditors

Why choose the Software Management Control?

  • You will verify the correct fulfillment of the obligations by filling out a simple check list
  • You will find some performance examples preloaded
  • You will follow a proposed due diligence procedure based on the actual calculated degree of risk
  • Your requests for assistance will always be processed and resolved in a short time (within the working day).
  • You will automatically install regulatory and structural updates with the instant LIVE UPDATE feature .
  • You will buy  ANTI-MONEY LAUNDERING directly from the manufacturer without negotiating with area dealers, saving at least 1/3 .
  • Your license will be tailored to the real needs of the firm, such as the number of clients .
  • You will not incur additional expenses related to the amount of telematics
  • You will receive free updates implemented following the news on anti-money laundering regulations that will arrive during the year and you will not suffer unexpected increases or increases
  • You will have a fixed price forever : frozen for the first three years, increased only by the ISTAT index from the fourth onwards.
  • You will import the personal data saved in the previous management with the help of operators specialized in imports.
  • You will be able to create a register of temporary personal data to check the data entered before finally saving.
  • You will always be supported by a support team made up of experts : operators who have worked in a firm, supported by accountants and other professionals in the sector.
  • You will be instructed on the first use of the software with remote control lessons.
  • You will receive updates well in advance and you will always arrive on time for new deadlines.
  • You will use each application correctly with online guides, video tutorials, FAQs, newsletters and webinars to consult as you work
  • Your data will be stored in protected servers and protected from manipulation and cyber attacks.

All included in the price

Provided directly by the Abdul Rimaaz  team via telephone, remote control or e-mail

Online and daily from the platform’s Update button

Companies, customers, suppliers, assets … from other management systems and from XBRL, TXT, CSV, Excel

Local network installations with no limit of workstations

Online training sessions on current obligations

Materials for study and in-depth study of the subject and applications

Functions included in all proposals


Risk self-assessment – Articles 15 and 16 of Legislative Decree 231/2007, Training


Personal Data, Performance, Risk Assessment, Adequate Verification, Customer File


Updated to Legislative Decree 231/2007

Plus available for each version

Management for the processing of personal data in line with the European Regulation 2016/679 (GDPR)