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Invoices for Accountants and Studies

Web solution to manage electronic invoicing
together with your client companies.

Why 4,000 Activities they chose us as their partner


Share with each customer a collaborative environment with which the company manages billing and warehouse by itself..


Automatically receive the invoices sent and received by the customer and with a click the amounts directly in the Journal.


Import any electronic invoices or fees (including files produced with other software).

Master's Degree

With a single password you can access all the collaborative environments of the Customers and monitor the situation.

The software Invoices for Accountants


  • Billing
  • Parcellation
  • SDI / NSO console
  • Schedule
  • Warehouse
  • CRM / Agenda
  • storage
  • Documentary


  • Operation in a collaborative web environment
  • Master user to access the collaborative web environments created for customers as an administrator
  • Creation of different types of documents (invoices, estimates, orders, tax receipts, parcels, transport documents).
  • Customization of the type of document (columns, logo, body of the text).
  • Predefined templates that can be recalled when creating a new document.
  • Control of transport documents or parcel notices and possible creation of the combined invoice.
  • Rows calculated automatically.
  • Withholding Tax Calculation.
  • Sending by email
  • Invoice imports from all management systems
  • Electronic Order Receipt (NSO)
  • Receipts / payments schedule
  • Warehouse fueled by invoices and orders
  • Document to archive text documents, images, scans, photocopies, photos, personal documents (identity card, driving license, etc …) on the web
  • CRM (agenda) for managing activities, projects, opportunities, phone calls, appointments or deadlines

Invoices Software :The e-invoicing solution Studio - Customers

Invoices is the web software developed by Abdul Rimaaz software to manage invoicing in a practical way together with your customers . You will share all operations in a collaborative web environment . Customers will manage their billing, schedule and inventory themselves and you will receive the documents in real time.


For accountants and other firms

Invoice Software's electronic invoicing solution for Accountants is dedicated to:
-Commercial Doctors
-Tax practitioners
-Data processing centers (CED)
-Labor Consultants
-Business Consultants
-Accountants who deal with micro, small and medium-sized enterprises, companies (SRL, SPA ...) and freelancers registered in the professional register (lawyers, engineers, notaries, consultants or accountants).

Why choose the Software Management Control?

  • Your requests for assistance will always be processed and resolved in a short time (within the working day).
  • At each access you will find the latest updates already installed in the software.
  • Thanks to the direct connections to the SDI and the NSO, the customer will not have to waste time and patience for the accreditation procedures and will make use of our codes (SDI recipient code QULXG4S – NSO reception code 82C635M9)
  • By exploiting the standards of electronic invoicing,  you will import any invoice in XML format , even produced with other management systems or billing software: a few seconds will be enough to have a complete alignment.
  • Using the collaborative web environment, you will forget your appointments, but you will be able to have a document exchange with customers  in real time.
  • You will send and receive invoices and electronic orders using a Console connected to the SDI and the NSO; you will be able to download and archive the receipts with results divided by period.
  • You will buy  INVOICES directly from the manufacturer without going through local dealers, saving at least 1/3 .
  • Your license will be customized according to the real needs of your studio, however the number of clients managed.
  • In your studio you will not be forced to spend to structure client / server hardware networks: you will access the software from any PC connected to the internet.
  • You will save all files in digital format in the Document Management, saving on paper and other expenses for physical archiving.
  • You will receive for free the updates implemented following the regulatory changes that will arrive during the year and you will not suffer unexpected increases or increases.
  • You will have a locked price forever : frozen for the first three years, increased only by the ISTAT index from the fourth onwards.
  • You will share a confidential and secure web environment with the customer  .
  • You will log in as a master user (administrator) to all collaborative web environments created for customers, to monitor the situation.
  • With our servers your data will be safe from cyber attacks, you will have high performance and your privacy will be protected.
  • You will enjoy optimal performance from any type of device connected to the Internet: desktop / laptop, tablet and smartphone.
  • Access to the billing software will be possible from anywhere (in the office at the company headquarters, at home, on the road) and 24 hours a day .
  • You will always be supported by an assistance and training team made up of experts : accountants and operators with specific skills acquired as staff in commercial firms.
  • You will be oriented to the correct use of each application with online guides, video tutorials, FAQs, newsletters and webinars to consult while you work.

All included in the price

Provided directly by the Abdul Rimaaz  team via telephone, remote control or e-mail

Online and daily from the platform’s Update button

Companies, customers, suppliers, assets … from other management systems and from XBRL, TXT, CSV, Excel

Local network installations with no limit of workstations

Online training sessions on current obligations

Materials for study and in-depth study of the subject and applications

Functions included in all proposals


Creation of invoices, estimates, customer orders, pro forma, tax receipts, down payment invoices, parcels – Creation, signature and sending of XML invoices


Receipt of XML invoices via a pre-set SDI channel, automatic creation of the supplier master data, and creation of the payment slip


Schedule and situation of receipts and payments, send payment reminders and create RI.BA, SDD and import them directly into your Home Banking, or collect via Pay Pall or CartaSi


Analyze your expenses, by region, customer / supplier and keep everything under control by comparing it from year to year

Plus available for each version


Keep track of all warehouse stocks, and easily manage lots, price lists, orders and quotes even on multiple warehouses


Digital storage of documents as required by law (invoices, tax documents …)

Analyze your cash flows for the months to come, and plan your future activities so you never get caught off guard

Management of appointments, phone calls, deadlines, requests for information – quotes, opportunities and projects