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At Abdul Rimaaz we design and manufacture custom upholstered headboards for beds, in all models and styles. We can recreate any shape, size or finish. Tell us the design you would like or let us advise you, and we will make it a reality. If space and dimensions are a problem for you, we offer you a personalized solution.


We make the headboard with the design and shape you are looking for:

Are you looking for where to buy an original upholstered headboard? Why settle for a standard headboard when you can have a unique piece? Have you thought about the advantages of making one to order? This type of furniture allows a total degree of customization.

Upholstered headboards are a fundamental element in the interior design of bedrooms and rooms. They are part of the decoration, they are comfortable and also protect the wall from rubbing your hair while you sleep or your body when you lie down to read or have breakfast.

The size of your bed doesn’t matter. Making a custom headboard we can dress and complement from the small 90 cm individual ones to the giant king size models. Hanging on the wall, with legs or made with cushions and cushions on a bar, we have a proposal for you capable of responding to your needs.

Design Your Own Custom Headboard

Do you have an idea or your own design and want to materialize it? At Abdul Rimaaz we have the capacity to make it possible: from classic tufted or gabled headboards, to shaped, modern, modular or large-format headboards, wall-to-wall oversized.

Customize your custom headboard according to your taste and the style of the bedroom. At Abdul Rimaaz we offer you ideas and advice that will give it a very special and personal touch. We combine upholstery techniques, fabrics and decorations such as tacks, piping, seams, buttons or trimmings to achieve spectacular results.

We can also embed light points such as wall lights, switches, sockets, lamp wall lights, backlight them or integrate them with bedside tables.


We manufacture upholstered headboards since years

All our custom headboards are manufactured in our workshop with almost 40 years of experience, as part of our offer of comprehensive services in textile decoration. We assume control and supervise all phases from the structure, through the trim or padding, to the details and final finishes that will make it stand out from a finished headboard.

If you have space problems, we study the available dimensions and we propose a headboard model in which we play with the measurements of width, depth, height, as well as thicknesses, so that it is perfectly integrated into the whole of your bedroom.

Customized Headboards