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Proficient Pets Grooming

AbdulRimaaz gives great preparing administrations to canines and felines of all varieties and ages.

  • Personalized service with free consultations
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

Allow your pet to partake in the best prepping administrations what’s more, look and fee  wonderfully new and clean.

We are energetic about the pets we care for and carve out opportunity to get to know them as people — building enduring associations with our astounding clients.


Why people choose us

A couple of motivations behind why individuals lean toward our administrations

we have been attempting to convey the best preparing administrations for your canines and felines. Moreover, animal people all over the UAE pick our salon for:

Partake in the best prepping styles what's more,
care for your pets

Our Guarantee

Your Dog Washed Clean, Flea Free and Smelling Great... Or then again It's FREE!