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Armored door opening service

Are you locked inside or outside the house? Do you need to move out? Locksmith emergency is what you are looking for. A professional locksmith will come to your property to open the security door without burglary and, if necessary, replace the broken lock.

The door is a necessary investment that will ensure the security of your home and prevent the entry of thieves and bad people. However, if the door lock breaks, access to your property can be a problem and you will need to get help for an armored door.

The possibility of breaking the lock is not too far away and it always happens at the wrong time when you have to go on a date or when you come home tired after a day at work. Opening the door and entering the house is not a difficult task, so you can always rely on our emergency door opening service.

Thanks to our network of professional locksmiths, our locksmith emergency specializes in opening armored doors of all types, from opening garage doors to opening armored doors and shutters, and always offers the lowest price and quick intervention 24/7 hours.

Table of Contents

  • Armored door opening service
  • Not only opening armored doors without burglary
  • Opening of armored, domestic and overhead doors
  • Opening of armored doors for judicial eviction
  • Has a door remained closed? No fear!
  • Assembly and change of safety locks
  • Cost of locks for armored doors
  • Frequently asked questions

Not only opening armored doors without burglary

Locksmith emergency services technicians specialize not only in opening and unlocking armored doors, but also in opening ceiling doors (eg garages) and shutters, European cylinders and security locks.

The services provided are always professional and will be carried out as quickly as possible so that you can do your daily work as if nothing had happened and ensure that your house and your belongings are safe.

If there is a problem with tenants who do not want to leave your property or need to evict you, do not worry, because our locksmiths will come to the door at any time to open the security door. eviction under the conditions laid down by law.

Opening of armored, domestic and overhead doors

If simple house doors, garage doors or armed doors are blocked, Abdul Rimaaz   Locksmith Emergency Response specialists can help you open and unlock all types of locks. By opening the European cylinder lock, security lock, but also by opening the armored door, Garage Door Repairs in Sydney, roller shutters and ceiling door, every locksmith comes to the premises equipped to open the door without stealing. make sure the door opens shortly.


Opening of armored doors for judicial eviction

As soon as your property is illegally occupied or your tenants do not want it for free, our locksmiths will also take care of opening the evacuation door with the help of a doorman. This means that one of our locksmiths will arrive at the agreed time and place with the court clerk and in his presence the door for eviction will be opened in accordance with the procedures laid down by law.


Has a door remained closed? No fear!

Abdul Rimaaz is available 24 hours a day and can open and unlock all types of locks.

The opening of the locksmith’s emergency room always takes place in the presence of the owner or tenant of the property with a valid document proving his identity.

Assembly and change of safety locks

Once the door is opened, you can choose to replace the locks to ensure that annoying unforeseen events related to locked locks no longer recur.In this case, the locksmith will also take care of the replacement or reconstruction of the lock, which will help you open the door and offer the installation of the latest generation of security locks of the best brands.

Cost of locks for armored doors

After unlocking and opening the door it is possible to change the lock to avoid unpleasant surprises in the future. Our locksmiths can also take care of this and replace the old lock with a new one, of the latest generation, and only from the best brands on the market.

If armored doors have a price of around one thousand euros (for a class 3, without the cost of VAT and labor), this can become significantly higher depending on the chosen class and use (internal or external). . If it comes to changing the door lock, the price varies depending on the brand used and the type of lock that needs to be replaced.

It is important that an expert can judge the type of repair to be carried out as, often, it is a matter of replacing only the lock cylinder and not the entire mechanism, resulting in a lower cost.

Abdul Rimaaz will be able to identify the problem to be solved, guarantee the highest quality of the tools used and the labor at competitive prices on the market.

Frequently Asked Questions

What NOT to do when a door is locked

Not all locks and doors are the same. Our recommendations may serve as general guidelines, but we can’t tell you which method might work without first seeing your door and assessing the damage.

That said, there are some things that you absolutely NOT to do when you are in front of a blocked door, because you only risk making the situation worse. Here they are in detail:

– Do not force the door or the lock

– Do not push the key hard into the lock
Do not break the door, because after fixing it will cost much more than a lock release intervention

– Do not overdo the lubricants, you could get the opposite result and make the lock unusa

Why do doors and locks get stuck?

Even the best locks on the market today can be locked and leave you locked outside or at home for hours if you don’t have time to waste.

Of course, to solve the problem, you need to call a locksmith who knows how to open the armored door, but before you know how to open the lock on the armored door, let’s see why even the doors of the hottest brands can be locked at once.

There are many reasons why the lock will stop working or the door will lock. We identify 5 common reasons:

The doors are wooden, dated and have NOT been treated with wood-based chemicals for many years. The wooden structure of the door swells a little with moisture and over time, so little that you won’t notice it, but the supporting structure holds it and prevents you from opening it. The castle was never dirty and after five or ten years it broke. This happens with both armored doors and traditional doors, but the result is always the same: the gear does not move and cannot be opened.
The lock is on the outside. If the lock is placed on a facade facing the exterior, the timing problem has a greater impact. In contrast to interior doors leading to stairs and corridors, exterior doors can be damaged to exhaust by use but also by weathering, rain, smoke, the sun and the effects of ice. faster and can cause problems after a few years.
The lock is dirty and dust from the transmission will not allow the key to turn as it should.
You will suffer an attempted theft that is not successful for you, but will destroy the construction of your door, which cannot be opened on its own.

5 ways to open a locked door

Standing in front of a locked door or lock is always a big problem. We are almost confused, we don’t quite understand what to do and we start stepping on the door and trying to force it open. Now: don’t do it! Pulling on the door is not the right solution to open a locked lock, in fact, the situation can only get worse.It is a good idea to call the open-door assistance service and request an emergency.However, if you can keep your nerves before you rush to look for a locksmith number, you can try to open the door with one of these 5 tricks:

Lubricate the lock
Locks that jam almost always pass through poorly lubricated gears. Over time, the mechanism starts to crash and doesn’t work as it should and then stops when you didn’t expect it. Then try lubricating the lock on everything else – open it with a heartbeat without calling an urgent locksmith.

Clean the key
The latest generation of keys has small holes where dirt is formed, which creates a patina on the surface on a daily basis and prevents the key and lock from getting together when needed.

Use a hook
If the lock is locked because the key inside is broken, you can get help with a hook – yes, that’s what you use to make side and side! Insert the iron into the keyhole and try to secure the key. With a little patience and luck, you can get the broken piece back and open the door with an extra set of keys. Play as a thief
If you are familiar with work tools and have broken the key to the lock, you can also try to cut the sheet metal with a sharp tool, where part of the key remains inside. You can remove the broken piece from the hole with pliers.

Open the door with your credit card
If you read that correctly, you can open the door with a credit card, even if it is not an electronic door. However, this method only works if the door is locked but the key is not inserted and therefore the lock is not broken. Insert a credit card between the real door and the door frame: with a little luck, you can make a small hole to open the door without breaking it.

When it is better to call a Door Opening Emergency

If you are afraid of damage or do not know where to start opening the lock, call the emergency door opening and have the experts do it.

In addition, it is best to call Emergency Doors if you are dealing with armored doors, which in themselves are more complex, heavier and more expensive than conventional doors, and do-it-yourselfers can only cause you a lot of problems!

How much does it cost to open a door?

Asking a locksmith to open a door is worth it, because he is a professional who knows where he needs his hands and will get you out of trouble in a short time, not one friend who has anything to do. Although carpentry interventions seem quick and easy, they cannot do without its technical preparation, and therefore it is right to recognize their commitment and value.

There are many factors that affect the final price and it is not possible to determine the basic cost of opening the door, but the situation that needs to be addressed needs to be checked from time to time.