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Locks Replacement

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When to change the lock of the security door?

Reasons to include emergency lock services:

  • Replacement of the old lock with modern models with a European insert.
  • Armored door insert replacement due to failure or damage.
  • Lock change after residence.
  • The house keys were lost and people were locked outside their house.

Having a locksmith who can help you 24 hours a day, on the other hand, is the best way to secure new and guaranteed locks that are quickly equipped and have an investment that everyone can achieve.

Changing the Lock: A job for experts

Old locks are no longer safe, damage caused by wear and tear can make them ineffective, and their system is no longer a guarantee against theft, so it is important to choose their armored lock replacement and European cylinder lock assembly, modern and guaranteeing you. sleep peacefully.

Although DIY has become more popular, especially when articles and videos are available on the Internet that explain how to do it, it is better to rely on the hands of an expert to avoid adverse discomfort. For this reason, you can count on a locksmith service to send a professional locksmith to your home and make sure you replace the lock or lock insert as soon as possible. Don’t forget that our locksmiths are available 24/7. Before we begin with a brief introduction, we decided to provide some clues as to what it means to “change or replace” the old slot concept with a new generation and why so much is being discussed.

We are contacted daily by people who, for various reasons, realize that their doors can be dangerous but do not have evaluation parameters.

Our locksmiths are experts in the replacement of existing locks, but above all in the installation of security locks and European cylinder locks to ensure you a lock with complete peace of mind.

In addition to door opening and locking services, Pronto Intervento Shutters always offers a team of professional locksmiths in the field of shutter repair – blind replacement, to respond to even the smallest everyday problems that may occur with blinds from home or are motorized. or belt. .

Whether it’s repairing electric, motorized, insulated or aluminum shutters, Emergency Locksmiths can help you unlock them and take care of their repairs, all with the speed and reliability that sets them apart!

Armored Door Lock Replacement - Change Cylinder

Our Locksmith Emergency Service allows you to have a locksmith that you can use to unlock locks and doors without breaking into them. But once the lock is open, it is best to replace it so that there are no more problems in the future.

Replacing or changing a lock is a quick job, but it requires experienced hands to keep the result state of the art. When it comes to safety, DIY is not always the best option, but the risk of problems increases.

On the contrary, having a locksmith who can help you 24 hours a day is the best way to provide new and guaranteed locks that are quickly equipped and have an investment that everyone can achieve.

Replace armored door lock - from double bit to European cylinder with defender

The lock is an important and very important part of the door, because it is an element that can open and close the door. The first lock for armored doors was twice as small, and although it changed the security concept in the past, it is now considered obsolete because it can be easily opened with simple tools or double keys. . Therefore, we recommend replacing the two-bit model with a modern one, with a European cylinder. This, of course, consists of a cylindrical lock control key and a lock opening mechanism. The cylinder insert is a very important part, because after removing it, the door can be opened with a simple screwdriver. The defender is an important part of the European cylinder lock; it is a steel boss that protects the cylinder from being damaged by burglary or other manipulation.

Why does the lock change?

As with the use of technology, it is important to keep in mind that any closure longer than four to five years is at risk, due to past experience and that the assets available to thieves also evolve.

Today’s thieves can use a special tool called “Bulgarian Pick or Bulgarian Key” to unlock these locks in seconds. All this without leaving a line and above all without noise.

Retaliation with your own insurance is also problematic in this case, as the offense cannot be proven. Presumably the intruder already has the key to the explosion.

What is replaced when changing locks?

Replace the double lock of the EUROPEAN CYLINDER with the security key and the owner card, replacing it with a simple lock without damaging the door.
Keys are locked and shipped with a card which ensures members must generate keys only in special authorized locations.
In addition, to protect the cylinder, it is recommended to “cover” the outer door of the cylinder and equip it with the DEFENDER, a metal guide that protects it from entry attempts.

If your padlock is old and you are worried that it will break all the time, call an optician and we will replace it immediately.

What is the lock transformation?

Thanks to the impact of rapid replacement, old locks can be repaired and replaced before it’s too late, so you can continue to sleep in peace without fear of breaking the door.

To replace means to change the door lock (wooden or hardware) by changing the type of key that opens the lock itself. This operation includes changing the port.

European Cylinder Prices ?

The cost of replacing your lock depends on the type of design and type you choose. What we can guarantee is that we use the best ingredients and the best brands on the market at competitive prices for everyone. When you need emergency assistance, fluctuating costs aren’t an issue.

Safety is a necessity, not a luxury, and emergency services are keeping everyone at home.

Why Choose Abdul Rimaaz?

The services provided by Pronto Intervento differ from traditional dentists for the following reasons:

  • Available 24 hours. We can customize it to your needs and schedule.
  • It can also be used on weekends and holidays. Because locks can break even “outside” the day.
  • Abdul Rimaaz does a professional job and replaces old and damaged locks with quality materials.
  • Our network of professionals works throughout the region of Italy and in your area. It doesn’t matter if you live in a big city, a small town or a rural area.

Why eliminate double map?

  • The problem is that today there is a technology that allows these locks to be opened in a few seconds without leaving the line and above all without noise ,also two-bit keys are almost always patented and therefore reproducible.
  • If there is no burglary, no one can be sure the house was stolen or still exists, so alert the police.
  • Even short term, free because anyone can get their hands on it.

The key difference from before to after conversion is:

  • The time it takes to open the door.
  • The noise one has to make to enter.
  • The signs of burglary.
  • The security of being able to entrust my key to anyone without fear of unauthorized copies being made.

Frequently Asked Questions

Then the cylinder or the entire lock must be replaced.

To understand the difference between a cylinder and a lock, one must first understand everything about the machine that can close the door.

The lock time refers to the entire mechanism. Thus, the lock is a set of hardware that allows the door to be closed and opened, which will include, but is not required to be, the cylinder.

A cylinder, on the other hand, is a device that attaches to a lock and has a small piston and a spring that is pressed properly by a key to lock/lock the open/close mechanism. Due to this, the role of the cylinder is transmitted to the force of the key to the lock. There are many models, but now the most popular model in Italy is the European cylinder with round and oval profiles.

From a practical point of view, it can be said that the lock is the largest, and it can open and close the heaviest door. A cylinder, on the other hand, is something you find in the lock that has a weight and size.

In the market, you can find many types of locks, each with its own unique set of features and functions. Here are the key points:

Mechanical lock, opened with key, and can have card, gear or pressure lock.
Electronic/reprogrammable locks, typically used in hotels or guesthouses where locks need to be installed temporarily to secure them.
Magnetic locks are generally used for interior door locks.
Anti-intrusion locks, also called locks with anti-intrusion locks, are a type of new generation lock equipped with an irreversible locking system that prevents the opening of the security door when the cylinder is pulled or removed. However, recently anti-theft locks have been equipped with a locking system, allowing the door to open even after being locked thanks to a special key provided to the master during assembly.
Closed cylinder with biometric finger recognition. It is a padlock with a cylinder fitted with a thermal scanner that can read your fingers. This is efficient because you don’t need a key to enter manually and it usually comes with a keypad that allows you to open the door with a password.
Locks with Slack technology, the newest type of lock on the market today. This lock allows you to open your door using your smartphone, PC, tablet or other electronic device.

As we recently pointed out, the mechanical lock opens with a key. In Italy, although it should be different, it is still the most locked down. Indeed, the locking systems are not all the same and are divided into different categories according to the type of machine that controls the piston.

Mechanical locks can have mapped, gear or latched locks, but in order not to get bored and confused, we will consider only two models of armored doors.

Double-Bit Locks
European cylinder lock

The double lock was the first lock for a security door. Look at your house keys – after all, that’s it! You can see double-bit keys because they consist of a long metal rod that opens at the bottom on both sides and looks like a butterfly.

In Italy, another 80% of armored doors are equipped with this type of lock and it is likely that your part also belongs to this category.

The double slot consists of two main parts:

Bolts, also known as pistons: small movable beams – from 2 to 5 for each lock – that attach the door to the supporting structure and can close it.
Weapon or lock block: is a “box” or metal body in which there is a carriage with slats, slats (slats, lock code) and a latch, there is a 45 ° pin used to close the door. The weapon is attached to the door frame and causes it to close.

Do it yourself is not the best choice in terms of safety because it increases the chances of poor quality work.

Unfortunately not: there are no locks that cannot be broken and European cylinder locks with security level 6 can be opened. The difference is in the whole time and sound that is needed to open.

Let’s take the case that you live in an apartment building. If the door of your apartment has a double lock, with a Bulgarian key, the mechanism will click in about 2 minutes, in complete silence and will not wake you or your neighbor.

However, if you have a cylinder lock with a guard, it will take half a day to break it and you will have to replace it with heavy tools such as hammers, hoses or special tools. The old woman upstairs, although deaf, hears 4 continuous sounds and immediately calls the manager to complain to prevent theft!