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Management Control for Business Consultants and Studies

The business consulting software that makes the difference: Business Crisis, Budget – Business Plan, Budget Analysis and Profit and Cost Centers

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Manage the main schemes: Ordinary, Simplified, Professionals, Flat-rate, Agriculture, Margin, Third Sector and Associations, Travel Agencies.


Manage the main schemes: Ordinary, Simplified, Professionals, Flat-rate, Agriculture, Margin, Third Sector and Associations, Travel Agencies.

In Advance

Manage the main schemes: Ordinary, Simplified, Professionals, Flat-rate, Agriculture, Margin, Third Sector and Associations, Travel Agencies.


Manage the main schemes: Ordinary, Simplified, Professionals, Flat-rate, Agriculture, Margin, Third Sector and Associations, Travel Agencies.

Crisis, Analysis, Budget and much more


  • Business crisis
  • Synthetic budget analysis
  • Budget and Business Plan
  • Analytical accounting for profit and cost centers
  • Study costs


  • Accounting
  • European budget
  • Account Statement Import


  • Production of professional reports and final reports with customized logos and comments
  • Business crisis : questionnaires for assessing the customer’s situation, guided path for calculating CCII alert indices (equity, DSCR and prospective treasury), sector indices, indices on late payment, archive of assessments, documentation for reporting to the ‘OCRI, questionnaires for the assessment of continuity and adequate structures.
  • Synthetic balance sheet analysis : balance sheet reclassification (and adjustments for WHAT IF scenarios), calculation of indices (including final crisis reports) and alternative Altman Z-Score indices
  • Budget / Business plan : 5-year budget for established company, 5-year business plan for newly established company, variances, forecasting, CEE, import from external management or macro-item, multiple scenarios per company, notes and management to support significant estimates
  • Analytical accounting : intelligent questionnaire to independently define profit and cost centers, customizations (rules, reversals, adjustments …), gross contribution margin, two dimensions of centers
  • Web document exchange of reports and reports

Safe Driving: For the Success of the Business

The software for business consultants to manage business crisis, budget analysis, budget / business plan and profit and cost centers. It will allow you to provide in- depth, advanced and high value-added business consultancy and to collaborate profitably with client companies. Planning , monitoring and reporting on business activities will be simple and intuitive.


The software for Consultants and Studies

This software's suite for business consultants is a versatile solution that meets the needs of:
-Business consultants
-Controller : Managers of management control Accountants

Why choose the Software Management Control?

  • Easily obtain initial accounting by uploading Excel balances also coming from other management systems.
  • Fill out an “intelligent” questionnaire which, with targeted questions and predefined templates, helps you to immediately define the structure of the centers.
  • In a shared web environment, the customer sends you invoices with the destinations annotated to the centers that help you register the operations in analytical accounting faster.
  • You can independently view numerous tutorials with practical cases to apply to the situation in question.
  • You have online evaluation questionnaires to quickly define the situation of the company.
  • Find the sector indices already linked to the ATECO code .
  • Perform an automatic calculation of the DSCR index from a synthetic treasury budget .
  • Use a standard documentation template for reporting to OCRI .
  • You have at any time an analysis of the financial situation “up to now” .
  • Amounts Excel / XBRL balances processed by any management system.
  • You have a direct link to the Crisis indices .
  • The indices and scoring are calculated in real time without your intervention.
  • Calculate the indices with “WHAT IF” logic considering / excluding your adjustments.
  • Share the reports and reports produced with the customer in a collaborative web environment .
  • Your support requests are always processed and resolved quickly (within the working day).
  • Automatically install updates with the instant LIVE UPDATE feature
  • You buy the software directly from the manufacturer without going through local agents and avoiding resale costs.
  • Your license is tailored to the real needs of the firm: number and type of clients.
  • You do not incur additional expenses related to the number of stations / installations .
  • Receive free updates on regulatory changes and do not suffer unexpected price increases or increases.
  • Support a price that is locked forever : frozen for the first three years, increased only by the ISTAT index from the fourth onwards.
  • Agree on the most suitable payment method for you: one-time payment or installments.
  • Upload the company history saved in the previous management software with the help of operators specialized in imports.
  • Follow guided tours , specially designed to simplify your operations.
  • Errors or inconsistencies are reported and notified directly thanks to internal controls and checks of the balances .
  • View the doctrine and threshold values ​​by hovering the mouse over the “Info” icons.
  • You have an updated program that is always aligned in real time with regulations, for example the new Code of Business Crisis and Insolvency, which is still evolving.
  • You are always supported by a support team made up of experts : business consultants and operators who have practiced in consulting firms.
  • You are oriented in the first use of the software with lessons in remote control.
  • You are guided to the correct use of each application with online guides, video tutorials, FAQs, newsletters and webinars to consult while you work
  • Your archives reside in servers protected from manipulation and cyber attacks.

You leave from your budgets

We follow you at every stage : A specialized team that has performed thousands of steps takes care of you.


Recover your Archives

With the help of special tracks we help you to upload:
-TXT, CSV, Excel company data
-Balance sheets XBRL, TXT, CSV, Excel
You have your previous history available in a few minutes .

Start with a guided tour

You will receive the help you need to get started with the software on the right foot:
-Remote connection lessons
-Webinars and tutorials
-Guides and FAQs (frequently asked questions)

All included in the price

Provided directly by the Abdul Rimaaz  team via telephone, remote control or e-mail

Online and daily from the platform’s Update button

Companies, customers, suppliers, assets … from other management systems and from XBRL, TXT, CSV, Excel

Local network installations with no limit of workstations

Online training sessions on current obligations

Materials for study and in-depth study of the subject and applications

Applications Included In All Proposals


Smart questionnaire, customizations (rules, reversals, adjustmentS), gross contribution margin


Evaluation questionnaires, guided path for calculating CCII alert indices, sector indices and late payment indices, documentation for reporting to the OCRI


5-year budget for an established company, 5-year business plan for a newly established company, variances, forecasting, CEE, import from other management systems, more scenarios per company


Balance sheet reclassification, calculation of indices (including crisis results) and alternative Altman Z-Score indices

Plus Available For Each Version

Import bank account statements in Excel, TXT, CSV format to speed up and streamline the posting work on the first note

Drafting of the complete dossier of the Financial Statements to be filed with the Business Register