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Parts Machining Services

Machining consists of the use of several tools with specialized operation in a process that turns a raw material into a final product. Parts machining services make it possible to obtain parts of various geometries and with your own measure.

Made with quality and precision, parts machining services are performed by professionals with technical knowledge so that there is a satisfactory result. State-of-the-art equipment and machines are also used for the proper machining of the parts, as well as composition with specific raw material of good origin.

Specifities Of Parts Machining Services

Parts machining services are intended for several segments, such as hospital doctors, systemists, auto parts, agricultural implements, furniture, white goods and electronics. Technical parts machined on automatic and CNC lathes can be manufactured, which are capable of producing parts with high precision.

With parts manufactured from a metal block, parts machining services ensure more consistency, greater strength and durability to the product. With the machining, starting from metallic blocks, it is possible to obtain any form of industrial part, made to sample or designed with the used metal, of the iron or non-ferrous type.

Small parts machining services can be done in large quantities, being the best solution to offer lower prices. In machining services, various jobs may be involved, such as metalworking, planing, milling, broaching, electrical erosion, drilling, boilermaking, grinding, among others.

For the production of the final part, several processes take place in the parts machining services , in a careful way to avoid errors and differences in structures. Production can be done according to existing formats or through projects with pieces tailored to be used in the functions for which they were designed.


Company Providing Parts Machining Services

Abdul Rimaaz has been operating in the machining area for years with activities focused on the automotive and electronics parts market. With the NBR ISO 9001:2015 technical standard certification, the company invests in the continuous improvement of its products and processes to guarantee the quality management system. In addition, Abdul Rimaaz has, in its industrial park, machines and equipment that meet the needs of production processes, continuously seeking speed in service.