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Parts Machining

Damaged equipment, project changes, or field specifics require special parts to be manufactured quickly to resolve technical problems. In these cases, the machining of parts is one of the most important services, acting as an auxiliary for teams of technicians and operators.

The machining of parts is done by specialized companies through the use of the lathe. This machine is suitable for machining metal parts, manufacturing them from solid parts and through a system of nuts that act by rotation. It is worth remembering that the machining of parts includes not only the manufacture of special parts, but also the finishing and repair of existing parts.

Machining Of Quality Parts

The machining of parts is applicable to any type of metallic object, among them are, for example, screws, pins, bushings, flat or drilled plates, nuts, angles and handles, in the most diverse dimensions.

Machining parts is a job that requires high precision. Therefore, even in emergency cases, in which the need for repair or the lack of a part interrupts the work, the parts machining service must be made available through recognized companies. The finishing of a part, in addition to the accuracy of dimensions, is the differential within the part machining segment .

In order for this process to be carried out correctly, it is always recommended that detailed drawings of the parts are provided. These drawings can be isometric, with perspective, or simply cuts, which indicate exact external and internal measurements of parts. It is worth mentioning that, in special situations, the drawings can be developed by machining technicians, present in the best companies in the field.


Machining Services With Certified Quality

Abdul Rimaaz company specialized in manufacturing, finishing and repairing all types of metal parts. With skilled lathes and technicians, it meets machining demands throughout Brazil, with greater focus on the demands of the automotive and electronics industry. 

As part of its commitment to continuous quality management and customer satisfaction, Abdul Rimaaz is certified under the NBR ISO 9001:2015 technical standard.