We are service providers in personalized decorations. At Abdul Rimaaz we cover the entire spectrum of manufacturing and execution of processes in upholstery work, tailoring, exterior and interior sun protection totally tailored.

Custom Upholstery
Custom Upholstery

Tailor Made

Internal Sun Protection

External Sun Protection

High Customization in Textile Decoration

We are specialists in the elaboration of the necessary manufactures for the realization of personalized decorations.

Our services are comprehensive in nature since we take on all the necessary steps for the delivery of orders, works and projects in which the client only has to intervene in decision-making and in the choice of materials.


Answers to Decorate Your Spaces

We cover a range of solutions that are complemented by the supply of textile decoration items .

In this way, as a client, you can enjoy the comfort and peace of mind of integrating in a single service provider, all the essential steps in the realization of personalized decorations, from the workshop to the installation.

The Attention You Deserve

We have a marked vocation for service based on commitment and transparency to meet established delivery deadlines and a high quality standard.

We have a wide portfolio of loyal customers over almost 40 years as a textile decoration company , to whom we correspond with attention based on the personalization and professionalization of our work protocols.


Facilities and Only Facilities

We take care of the measurement and installation of all our works. Our department, in collaboration with our team of upholsterers, fabricators and installers, are at your disposal to help you with everything you need and to have the information you require at your fingertips.

We have extensive experience in customizing and decorating all kinds of spaces. We assist you and serve you by visiting you at home or at our points of sale and customer service. We blend in with your ideas with the aim of making it infinitely easier for you.