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Solution to manage the accounting of the firm’s clients.

Why 4,000 Studies they chose us as their partner

Business Suite

Manage the main schemes: Ordinary, Simplified, Professionals, Flat-rate, Agriculture, Margin, Third Sector and Associations, Travel Agencies.


Enter the Client's regime and you will automatically find the 5-level chart of accounts configured, the accounting / VAT reasons and the standard registrations.


Amounts in the journal invoices, fees, account statements, assets and balance sheets with a single click.


Collaborative environment to share billing, orders, warehouse and first note with the customer.

Accounting Software
The solution to manage customer accounting


Accounting Software is the software developed by Abdul Rimaaz to keep the customer accounts of your firm . You will manage every aspect concerning the main accounting regimes: first note, VAT compliance, invoicing, warehouse documents, turnover, collections and payments.

With web invoicing you will delegate invoicing, schedule and warehouse to the independent customer and you will automatically receive the documents produced. With the cloud you can also share the entry of accounting records with the most autonomous companies.

To have an always orderly and productive working environment, you can use an interactive agenda (CRM) and Document Management to archive and exchange documents online with customers.

For Accountants and Studies

The Accounting software for Accountants is dedicated to:

  • Commercial Doctors
  • Tax practitioners
  • Data Processing Centers (CED)
  • Labor Consultants
  • Business Consultants
  • Accountants

who deal with the accounting of micro-enterprises, SMEs, companies (SRL, SPA …) and freelancers (lawyers, engineers, notaries, surveyors, architects, commercial agents, small craftsmen).



Chart of accounts already set up once the accounting regime has been selected (Ordinary, Simplified, Professionals, Flat rate, Minimum, Agriculture, Used Goods Margin, VAT for Cash, Third Sector and Associations L. 398/91, Travel Agencies)

  • Type and causal registrations proposed based on the chosen regime
  • Collaborative web environment to delegate billing and warehouse to the independent customer
  • Master user to access all collaborative web environments activated for customers
  • Cloud to share the entry of accounting records with the customer
  • Direct SDI / NSO connection (Console)
  • Document to archive text documents, images, scans, photocopies, photos, personal documents (identity card, driving license) on the web
  • CRM / Agenda for the management of activities, projects, opportunities, phone calls, appointments or deadlines
  • Import of budget balances, invoices / electronic orders, account statements, assets from other management systems


  • Basic accounting (First note – Chart of accounts – VAT / accounting reasons – VAT – Budget balances – Accounting balance – Accounting books – Accounting sheets – Accounting situation – Chamber law – Accruals and deferrals)
  • Fees
  • Fixed assets
  • Percipients
  • Tax prospectuses
  • Electronic Invoicing PA – B2B – B2C
  • SDI / NSO console
  • Schedule
  • storage
  • CRM / Agenda
  • Documentary
  • Warehouse
  • NSO
  • Cost and profit centers
  • Account Statement Import (GB Bank Studio)
  • European budget
  • Fiscal declaration

Why choose the software Accounting?

  • Once the accounting regime has been selected in the activity master data, you will already find the related chart of accounts (up to five levels) and the registrations and reasons to be used for that regime.
  • With web invoicing you will delegate to independent customers the management of invoices, deadlines and the warehouse and you will automatically receive the documents produced
  • With the cloud you will be able to share and delegate accounting registration operations to the most independent customers.
  • Your requests for assistance will be examined and resolved in a short time (always within the working day).
  • You will automatically download and install regulatory and structural updates with the instant LIVE UPDATE feature .
  • You will import invoices, fees, balances, assets and account statements produced by any software, through automated tracings .
  • You will buy  software directly from the manufacturer : you will not go through area dealers and you will save at least 1/3 compared to the price of similar products.
  • Your license will be calibrated on the real needs of the company (only basic accounting, with invoicing, with warehouse, etc.)
  • You will never pay for updates implemented following regulatory changes that occurred during the year.
  • You will benefit from a price that is locked forever : frozen for the first three years, increased only by the ISTAT index from the fourth onwards.
  • You will recover the history saved in the previous management software (eg companies, customers, suppliers, balances…) with the help of operators specialized in imports.
  • You will always be supported by a support team made up of experts : accountants and operators.
  • You will be started the first time you use the software with remote control lessons.
  • You will receive updates well in advance and you will always arrive on time for new deadlines.
  • You will monitor and plan the activities and appointments of your company with an interactive agenda (CRM) and with the schedule.
  • As you work, you will always have online guides, video tutorials, FAQs, newsletters and webinars available to show you how to use the application.
  • Your data will be safe, stored in protected servers and protected from violations and cyber attacks.
  • With the Master User option you will have access to all the collaborative web environments that you have activated for customers, to monitor and control the situation.

How to pass from your management system to Accounting Software

You will be followed in the transition phase by our team of experts: specialized operators and technicians who have completed thousands of steps will take care of you .

Upload Your Archives

We will help you import
-Customer, supplier, TXT, CSV, Excel recipient data
-Budget balances TXT, CSV, Excel
-XML invoices and fees
-TXT, CSV, Excel account statements
-Excel fixed assets
You will not start from scratch and you will have your accounting history available .

Start with a guided tour

You will receive the help you need to get started with the software on the right foot:
-Remote connection lessons
-Webinars and tutorials
-Guides and FAQs (frequently asked questions)

All included in the price

Provided directly by the Abdul Rimaaz  team via telephone, remote control or e-mail

Online and daily from the platform’s Update button

Companies, customers, suppliers, assets … from other management systems and from XBRL, TXT, CSV, Excel

Local network installations with no limit of workstations

Online training sessions on current obligations

Materials for study and in-depth study of the subject and applications

Functions Included In All Proposals


First note, VAT / accounting reasons, VAT registers, Budget balances, Accounting balance sheets, Accounting books, Accounting sheets, Accounting situation, Chamber law, Accruals and deferrals


Already set once the accounting regime has been selected (ordinary, simplified, professional …), which can be viewed in a tree and can be customized


Type and causal registrations proposed based on the chosen regime


Checking, signing, sending and receiving electronic invoices (SDI); import of electronic invoices in the first note

Plus Available For Each Version

Keep track of all warehouse stocks, and easily manage lots, price lists, orders and quotes even on multiple warehouses

Digital storage of documents as required by law (invoices, tax documents …)

Analyze your cash flows for the months to come, and plan your future activities so you never get caught off guard

Management of appointments, phone calls, deadlines, requests for information – quotes, opportunities and projects

Import bank account statements in Excel, TXT, CSV format to speed up and streamline the posting work on the first note

Receipt of electronic orders with direct connection to the Order Sorting Node and archiving by period