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Tax Returns for Tax Consultants and Studies

The software to manage tax returns and communications in the simplest and fastest way.

More than 4,000 Studies they have already chosen it


You work directly on ministerial models and produce telematic files with a click.


You are directly connected to the AdE: you check, authenticate and send the telematics with a special Console and save the receipts sorted by Customer and period.


With the State of the declarations utility you can check the progress of the documents: incomplete, ready to send, already sent, etc.


You are connected to your reserved area at the Agency and you can consult the tax drawer, the proxies and the cadastral results.

Tax Declarations and Communications


The solution for all declarations

Tax  and Declarations is the software developed by Abdul Rimaaz software for tax and tax consultants who manage tax obligations .

You will produce the electronic file of the declaration / communication with just one click. Thanks to a dedicated Console you will check, authenticate and send the telematic to the Revenue Agency without using the Telematic Desktop or other tools.

You will also easily keep an archive of the receipts with the results of the sending , divided by period and subject.

For tax and tax consultants and other firms

  • Tax and tax consultants
  • Accountants
  • Tax practitioners
  • CED Data processing centers
  • Accountants
  • CAF Tax assistance centers
  • Tax operators

The software Tax Declarations and Communications


  • Income for Individuals, Joint-Stock Companies, Partnerships, Non-Commercial Entities
  • Model 730
  • VAT
  • IRAP
  • Unique Certification
  • Model 770
  • Telematic Model F24
  • Sector Studies and Parameters
  • ISA (Synthetic indexes of fiscal reliability)
  • Land, Buildings, IMU and TASI
  • Periodic VAT settlements
  • Invoice data issued and received (new Spesometro)
  • Statement of Intent
  • Intracommunity models
  • VAT TR – Refund request or use to offset the Quarterly VAT credit
  • Healthcare expenses (Data transmission of the Health Card System)
  • Funeral expenses
  • Condominium building expenses
  • Electronic Invoicing Powers
  • Esterometer
  • Request for massive acquisition of additional data for ISA purposes (ISA Delegations)
  • Sending daily payments
  • Application for the request for a non-repayable grant – DL Ristori – DL Sostegni
  • Telematic Console
  • Desk of the Professional
  • Official ministerial models visible directly on the screen
  • Production of telematic files with a click
  • Console to check, authenticate and send tax telematics
  • Downloading and archiving of receipts with results by period and subject
  • Connection to your reserved area at the Revenue Agency to consult proxies, cadastral records and tax drawer
  • Monitoring of the progress of operations (incomplete declarations, ready to send, already sent) with summary panel

Why choose the software Fiscal Statements and Communications?

  • You will see the tax returns / communications directly on the video on the ministerial model
  • You will produce telematics with just one click
  • You will check, authenticate and send the telematic from a special Telematic Console connected to the Revenue Agency which will avoid you without using the Telematic Desktop or other similar applications.
  • Always with the Console you will download and archive the receipts with the results of the mailings to the AdE, sorted by period and tax subject of reference.
  • With the Professional Desk you will access your reserved area at the Agency with a direct connection and you will have immediate access to proxies, cadastral records and tax drawer.
  • You will import land and building data sheets with automated layouts (even when the files have been produced with other software).
  • Your requests for assistance will always be processed and resolved in a short time (within the working day).
  • You will automatically install regulatory and structural updates with the instant LIVE UPDATE feature .
  • Your license will be tailored to the real needs of the firm, such as the number of clients .
  • You will not incur additional expenses related to the amount of telematics
  • You will receive free updates implemented following the news on tax regulations that will arrive during the year and you will not suffer unexpected increases or increases
  • You will have a fixed price forever : frozen for the first three years, increased only by the ISTAT index from the fourth onwards.
  • With the Telematic Console you will save yourself the problems of operation of the Telematic Desktop (Java errors, use on multiple workstations …)
  • Thanks to the “State of the declarations” utility you will have a constantly updated overview of the state of the work: incomplete declarations, ready to be sent, already sent.
  • You will import the history saved in the previous management (eg companies, land, buildings) with the help of operators specialized in imports.
  • You will always be supported by a support team made up of experts : operators who have worked in a tax consultancy firm, supported by accountants and other professionals in the sector.
  • You will be instructed on the first use of the software with remote control lessons.
  • You will receive updates well in advance and you will always arrive on time for new deadlines.
  • You will use each application correctly with online guides, video tutorials, FAQs, newsletters and webinars to consult as you work
  • Your data will be stored in protected servers and protected from manipulation and cyber attacks.
  • You will renew your license voluntarily at the end of each year, without automatic extensions, constraints or cancellations.

All included in the price

Provided directly by the Abdul Rimaaz team via telephone, remote control or e-mail

Online and daily from the platform’s Update button

Companies, customers, suppliers, assets … from other management systems and from XBRL, TXT, CSV, Excel

Local network installations with no limit of workstations

Online training sessions on current obligations

Materials for study and in-depth study of the subject and applications

Applications included in all proposals


  • Income for Individuals, Joint-Stock Companies, Partnerships, Non-Commercial Entities
  • VAT return, IRAP, Form F24, ISA forms
  • Model 770, CU
  • Model 730
  • Land and Buildings, IMU, TASI

Plus available for each version

Control, authentication and sending of telematics to the Revenue Agency, without using the Telematic Desktop. Downloading of receipts and archiving by period and customer

Direct access to the Professional’s reserved area at the Revenue Agency to consult proxies, cadastral records and tax drawer