Abdul Rimaaz Business Consultant

Translation Of Texts And Certified Revisions

Translations, copywriting and drafting of texts or documents in over 50 languages.

Our experience for excellent translations with mother tongue translators and sectoral skills specific to your sector and objectives.

A Method Built On Experience

The translation approach of our translation agency in Dubai is focused on offering our clients results that are always above expectations, both in terms of quality and timing. To achieve this goal, over the years we have developed a winning work scheme, which involves the involvement of only mother tongue translators with sectoral skills and experience of at least 10 years. Each translator is supported by a team of proofreaders with up-to-date reference material, guidelines, glossaries and translation memories.

A Signature That Is a Guarantee For The Bodies

Our signature is recognized and approved by all the public offices of the canton. This allows us to authenticate the translation with the guarantee that the text in the target language faithfully matches the text in the source language.

Our notaries also provide for the authentication of signatures , while direct contact with the State Chancellery of Bellinzona authorizes us to obtain apostille for translations and legalizations .

Preserve The Original Message

Supporting professional translation with official proofreaders allows us to guarantee the communication of the message in an objective and impartial way. In this case, the translation does not only take place in a “literal” way but is also enriched with meaning and communicative schemes belonging to the target language.

The linguistic code that best allows the correct transmission of the message is fundamental for both digital and paper tools; regardless of whether they are intended for promotional or legal purposes , or are sensitive documents .