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4 Digital Marketing Strategies You Need To Start Now

The internet is a constant in our routine. It is rare to find someone who, before purchasing a product or service, does not look for references, information, sharing of experiences among users and prices on the internet.

It’s almost impossible to imagine a life without connections. The facilities that the web provides us are so many. And especially for users and consumers, it is a channel that has made the possibility of finding products and services much easier, increased the range of diversity and brought out a horizontal involvement and communication between company and consumer. 

Digital marketing strategies work to create a relationship that goes beyond simply selling a product. The digital marketing presents a fundamental proposal for a successful engagement with their customers.

Keep reading and stay on top of digital marketing strategies that can leverage your business.

What is digital marketing?

As the name suggests, digital marketing differs from the traditional one, as it acts on the digital platform, on the web. Its priority is to establish a good relationship with its potential customers, transforming the company into a reference, creating a solid foundation and conquering the consumer with quality content and segmented specifically for its target audience.

The secret of digital marketing is being able to count on the right professionals and tools to develop content that will generate engagement and that will catch the attention of your target audience. So that, in the future, this one becomes a customer and consumes your products.

The coolest thing about digital marketing is being able to transform the entire shopping experience into something very pleasant. It is to create closeness, a friendly relationship between the consumer and the company.

Solving doubts and problems that the target audience may have, within the world that surrounds your service or product and presenting solutions. Creating a path that will strengthen this relationship, to present your product or service and retain a customer.

Besides, of course, being able to analyze metrics and results in real time on several platforms available on the internet. Discover some digital marketing strategies to leverage your business.

Content marketing

Content marketing is a digital marketing strategy that is within a marketing technique called inbound marketing, and that works with content that is developed in order to inform, educate and attract the reader and possible future customer.

Basically, the inbound marketing proposal is thought of as a funnel, called a sales funnel. And this funnel is divided into four parts: attract, convert, sell, build loyalty. Each of these steps has specific strategies that are based on content marketing, which is where it all starts.

The main proposal is to focus on your market area and relate the contents to possible doubts and problems that your personas (fictitious representations of your target audience) may encounter along the way to purchase the product or service. .

Becoming a subject matter reference for your persona is very important. More than selling a product or service, being able to answer questions, inform and clarify issues that your persona has regarding products or services that cover your area of ​​expertise, it is essential to create a solid foundation in building a relationship loyalty program with a potential customer.

This content marketing work can be offered on websites, blogs, social networks, white papers, infographics, rich material and others.

E-mail marketing

The email marketing is also part of the inbound sales funnel and marketing is content that goes against the leads. Those who have already shown interest in the content available on their platforms, such as a website and blogs, where you distribute content and provide subscription to newsletters, infographics and other materials that people can download for free, in exchange for email or some form of contact.

Lead : is a potential consumer who has shown interest in your content, products and services, by registering to download some material or receive content and news by e-mail.

And it’s necessary to nurture these leads, that’s why these emails need a respectable periodicity, so as not to disturb and also to not be forgotten. By filling in data by consumers of content on your digital platforms, you can target specific content for these people and can send specific emails to them, making communication much more personalized and friendly.

The use of email marketing is nice to further retain your customers, generate new leads, present new service and product proposals and direct specific content to a specific group of people as well.

Google AdWords and PPC Tools

The use of ad tools like Google AdWords or PPC (pay per click), like Facebook Ads, for example, are digital marketing strategies with great potential to generate new leads for your business.

In Google AdWords, which is currently the most used tool, through research, you select keywords that have to do with your target audience and the search they will do on the Google platform. Invest a specific amount per click or view of your ad and can choose in a very personalized for who you want this ad to appear.

You can track in real time who is visiting your site and know exactly where that person came from. You can segment by gender, age, interests and more. It is accurate advertising for those looking to reach specific audiences and want to make the investment involved worth it.


The practice of SEO , which is the optimization of websites, is a digital marketing strategy that basically consists of improving the layout, navigation and making your website’s usability experience attractive and intuitive to improve the organic search ranking on Google and in other search platforms.

The site’s loading time, usability and even the codes used in its creation are criteria evaluated by Google to rank organically in searches. It is essential to pay attention to the smallest details, such as specific urls, compound keywords, page titles, headers and others.

This is in order for the Google robot and users to be able to navigate and find everything they need on your site in a simple and easy way. Measurement tools such as MozBar can help in the PA and DA scores of your page and Google Web Master combined with specific data will make it easier to understand what should be improved on your website.

The Abdul Rimaaz specializes in digital strategies for SMEs (small and medium enterprises), the largest marketing agency for SMEs in United Kingdom and a 95% satisfaction rate of our more than 500 customers.

If you are looking to leverage your business, investing in digital marketing can be the key to success. And for that, it is important to have specialized professionals willing to turn your business dream into reality.

Seeking a better financial return and developing a good relationship between your company and its consumers is part of our mission. In the Abdul Rimaaz culture, we believe that every human being has the right to feel the happiness of a dream come true.

Visit our website and learn about different digital marketing techniques and how we work. On social networks you can stay on top of news, download content and learn even more about digital marketing.

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