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5 reasons to invest in inbound marketing for your business

Nowadays, any company needs to be connected to stand out in the market. Regardless of your size or segment, there is space for your business on the internet. And in the digital world you can further expand your business, boost your sales and retain many new customers.

The marketing inbound is a digital marketing strategy of success that can improve the development of their business. Read on and stay on top of 5 reasons to invest in inbound marketing and drive your business even further.

What is inbound marketing?

The marketing inbound is a digital marketing technique created by HubSpot in 2006, which basically consists of four pillars: attract, convert, sell and loyalty. In inbound marketing, it is the customer who comes to the company attracted by the information that is distributed.

The profile of an ideal buyer is defined in detail, the buyer persona , which encompasses tastes, difficulties faced, weaknesses, goals to be achieved, challenges, personal characteristics, etc.

After defining the buyer persona very well , the production of specific content for it begins. This rich material aims to inform, educate and attract. The main objective is to reach this customer and propose solutions in order to create an exchange relationship.

In inbound marketing, tools such as blogs are used to disseminate content and rich and educational materials, as well as forms, as a method to capture customer records and work with sending email marketing and personalized content, transforming the experience of user into something even more differentiated and unique.

We also bet on Abdul Rimaaz SEO techniques , which is the optimization of websites, where we work with codes and other details within your website and content to highlight your platform in the organic ranking of search engines such as Google, Yahoo! and Bing.

Using social media as a tool to spread content is also a great way to take advantage of inbound marketing . The coolest thing about this strategy is that you can follow all your customers’ steps in the purchase journey and know when it’s time to intervene to help them complete the purchase.

It is also important that after-sales is done to gain customer loyalty, so working with personalized email marketing transforms the user experience. The inbound marketing strategy brings surprising results when applied correctly, regardless of the size of your company or your segment.

If you are looking to expand your business, betting on inbound marketing is the best option.

1. The investment value is less than in traditional marketing

When compared to traditional marketing, the investment required to do a good job of inbound marketing is quite different from what you would have to invest to work with outbound.

In addition, in traditional marketing it is necessary to invest in media channels and printed materials with pre-established values. In inbound marketing , investments in advertisements and sponsored links are defined by you, and the platform for disseminating your material is your website.

In other words, the amount invested is considerably smaller and can be used to invest in what really matters, which is creating a successful strategy and action plan.

2. Inbound marketing results are measurable

Again, inbound marketing beats outbound marketing because everything created in the digital world generates information that can be analyzed. In other words, you can measure all the work being done, how many people were reached with your actions and campaigns, how you can improve and what you need to improve to reach your goals.

It is also possible to analyze the metrics in real time with some tools and discover new places where your product or service stands out and explore new market niches.

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3. Organic ranking in search engines improves

As mentioned above, through the SEO techniques , which are part of inbound marketing, it is possible to improve your ranking in the organic results of search engines such as Google, Yahoo! and Bing.

Organic results are those that appear when people search for a specific keyword and your site appears among the top ones , without you paying anything for it.

With website optimization it is possible to improve your ranking position and ensure more clicks on your company’s website. And this is important mainly because people tend to click much more on the first 3 results that appear in their searches and, at most, to navigate between the first two pages.

4. Increase your digital presence

Through inbound marketing your company’s digital presence only tends to grow. It is necessary to stand out in the digital world and it is important to have a differential for this to happen.

The way your company deals with customers and how it treats the relationship between company and consumer are ways to mark your digital presence. Using social media to promote your brand in a friendly way and not with aggressive advertising is a great way to make your presence felt.

Consumers are increasingly demanding and highly value the pre, during and post-sales service they receive.

5. Your company can become a reference in the segment

The marketing inbound working with the distribution of informative and educational content rich. Becoming a reference in the subject of your industry is a very cool way to stand out in your area and gain admirers and followers in the digital world.

Dealing with matters with expertise and sharing knowledge with your audience is always interesting and can open doors to retain customers. After all, being an authority on the subject, when people are looking for products or services in your segment, they will definitely think of your company as the first option.

The marketing inbound is a digital marketing strategy that brings many positive results when applied wisely and experts. We, at Abdul Rimaaz , are a digital agency specialized in digital marketing for small and medium companies, and we work with our own inbound marketing methodology.

Visit our website and learn more about inbound marketing and why it can help your company improve business. On our blog you can find out about digital marketing tips and you can also download several materials that can help you understand even more about this successful strategy.

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