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9 steps to plan to build your home from scratch

Planning the construction of the house is a task that involves several points ranging from the definition of the land and the survey of the necessary labor for the execution of the work to the purchase of materials and obtaining all the documents.

This work planning is not a very complex process, but it is one of the most important steps when you want to build a house.

He is largely responsible for ensuring that the works are completed on time, that the cost of construction is within budget with the expected quality and does not cause surprises at the end.

To help you in this process, we have separated, in this post, the 9 steps to plan the construction of your house from scratch. Check out!

  1. Choose the ideal terrain

First of all, for you to build the house of your dreams, you need to choose the location. The  choice of land  is fundamental for the construction of the property and, mainly, for it to be within expectations.

It is very important to be aware of the unevenness of the terrain, the quality of the soil, the area allowed for the construction of the house and the location.

All these details impact the work and the final value. A great tip for people who are unsure when making these choices is to ask an architect for help.

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  1. Set the budget limit for the construction

Determining the amount to be spent on building the house is probably the factor that will most impact the property.

The construction budget will be responsible for defining the size, quality of the house and the time taken to complete the construction. Therefore, it is very important to be very careful to do the math correctly and realistically.

Also, be careful not to overdo the project, causing you to not be able to pay for all costs or finish the work on time.

However, you have to be careful with the opposite situation: don’t save too much to regret it later!

  1. Hire an architect to do the project – Custom homes Oregon

Technical support during the construction of the house is a requirement of United State legislation. After defining the budget, an architect must be hired to create the house project.

The qualified professional will be responsible for putting all your wishes and dreams on paper, allowing you to build a very high quality home that meets your expectations.

The architect and urban planner is not only concerned with the aesthetics of the work. It also guides, plans and designs according to the terrain conditions and your needs. Their training allows the best techniques to be applied, ensuring comfort, sustainability and optimizing available spaces.

  1. Understand the role of the engineer

The Civil Engineering professional is mainly involved with the structural part of the construction. He is used to carrying out the necessary calculations to carry out the project conceived by the architect in complete safety.

These professionals analyze the loads and forces to which the construction will be subjected and, based on that, define whether the terrain will support the work.

They also establish the foundation type and dimension the structural part such as pillars, piles and beams. In addition to other calculations that include the resistance of materials, aiming at the stability, economy and security of the property.

The engineer is also able to work with electrical, sanitary and hydraulic installations, as well as monitor the progress of the work so that all stages are carried out in accordance with technical standards.

  1. Use qualified labor

The first step is to know the architecture professional you intend to hire. Research his portfolio, his work style and how long he has been in the market. After all, it is very important to look for a professional you trust.

Then, for the architect’s project to come out faithfully, it is necessary to use qualified labor.

Therefore, it is necessary to hire Custom home builders in Portland Oregon, bricklayers, painters and servants who have references and who are familiar with the work carried out by them.

  1. Buy the necessary materials

To plan the construction of your house and carry out the works, you need to buy the materials that will be used at each stage.

Purchases of these inputs must be made in quality companies that deliver cutting-edge products. Otherwise, you can acquire items that harm your construction.

When buying materials, it is very important to follow what was defined by the architect and engineer in the projects. This ensures that the work stays within budget and you don’t have any unpleasant surprises.

  1. Get the documentation -Custom homes Oregon

The legal part of planning consists of complying with the legal obligations to obtain approval and formalization of the project, in order to be able to build the property.

It is at this time that you must obtain permits and permits for the work , in accordance with the rules and requirements of the competent municipal bodies.

At this stage, it is also necessary to pay the fees and legal fees, in addition to submitting the data from the legal and cadastral documentation of the land.

Contracts must be made in accordance with current legislation and as required by the responsible supervisory body.

  1. Set a schedule

Defining a schedule is essential to keep the stages organized and to be able to visualize and understand the steps that will need to be performed. The construction of your house must follow the following  stages of a work :

  1. Foundation — stage responsible for support. Here, the workforce must prepare the ground and carry out the foundation and construction of the foundation that will serve as the basis for the construction;
  2. Masonry — consists of lifting the walls, placing the slab and other structural points of the property;
  3. Slab and Roof — completes the structural part of the house and must be done as specified in the architectural project. In addition to the aesthetic effect, it is of great importance for the conservation of the property;
  4. Electric and hydraulic — these are steps that require a lot of care to be well executed. To avoid errors and later problems, it is essential to have trained professionals;
  5. Finishing — can be complex, lengthy, and expensive. In general, it requires a lot of manpower, as it consists of laying the floors and coverings, leveling the walls, painting, installing planned furniture, etc.
  6. Be mindful of security

Ensuring the physical integrity of workers must be a priority even before construction begins.

The construction site is a dangerous environment, which requires a lot of attention and basic care to avoid future problems. Accidents create a climate of uncertainty, in addition to harming the worker, the company and the team.

To prevent these occurrences, it is important to carry out a good planning of the construction site, thinking about all the equipment that will be needed, such as PPE and EPCs.

It is also essential to provide fences, scaffolding and safety screens to surround the work and prevent accidents with pedestrians.

Finally, it is necessary to prepare a suitable place to store the materials, always following safety standards.

Planning the construction of your property may seem laborious, but all the steps we have mentioned are important to ensure a satisfactory result. Good planning prevents errors, ensures full use of the land, avoids wastage of materials and, consequently, saves money.


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