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Suffering from acne and frequent skin breakouts?

If you are having frequent problems with your skin and acne and pimple breakouts have become a part of your routine, then it is time to consider the quality of your tap water. For those of you who are hesitant to invest in a water filter, allow us to inform you that water contamination can affect both health and skin.

In case you are living in a hot country, excess heat or moisture in the atmosphere can lead to increased sweating and blocked pores. If you fail to clean the pores regularly, sweat can accumulate on your skin, thereby leading to pimples and acne.

Do you know your trusted tap water can be contaminated too? Many harmful chemicals like chlorine, chloramines and fluoride are present in tap water that are abrasive and can be tough on both your health and skin. No amount of sunscreen or prescription drugs will be of any help to your acne condition if your tap water is impure.

Effects of impure water:

Impure water will compromise your overall health by weakening your immune system, making you prone to multiple conditions. Contaminated water often contains chemical agents like chlorine, E coli, and even radioactive contaminants like radon, which can lead to cancer. Given below are the different ways in which impure water can affect your skin.

  1. Impure water can lead to skin irritation: 

Unfiltered water contains chlorine and chloramine chemicals that can make your skin condition worse by leading to irritation, causing allergic reactions, rashes and breakouts. A simple activity like taking a shower can leave you with more skin problems than ever.

  1. Hard water can clog your pores: 

Have you even realised that your favourite soap or body wash doesn’t lather as easily? This can be due to the presence of hard minerals in your tap water. These particles and residue can remain on your skin even after taking a shower. If you are someone who suffers from acne and has tried everything to get rid of this extremely stressful and irritating condition, then hard water will only add to your skin problems.

  1. Impure water affects your skin complexion: 

Hydrating your skin can be a challenge when using hard water. Hard water can leave your skin dry and parched, a condition that will trigger your body to create more oil to compensate for the loss of natural oils, thereby causing repeated breakouts. Frequent pimples and acne breakouts can lead to scarring that will affect your complexion over time.

  1. Impure water is a nightmare to your sensitive skin: 

For those of you having sensitive skin, hard water full of strong chemicals is the last thing you want to expose your skin to. No amount of good quality moisturizer can help with acne breakouts if the water you use on your skin is impure itself.

How to improve your health and prevent acne breakouts:

If you have been exposing yourself to the harsh chemicals of tap water, a water purifier for drinking and a shower filter for taking bath is a must. The benefits of consuming clean and pure water are many. Purified water helps in flushing out toxins from your body, boosts digestion and waste removal. When it comes to the best interest of your skin, you might not even realize how unhealthy you have been until you switch to pure and clean water.

Here’s everything you need for a flawless skin:

  1. Drink pure water
  2. Wash your face with chemical free products and use only pure water
  3. Use pure water to minimize skin-pore clogging
  4. Shower with pure water
  5. Moisturize regularly
  6. Use non-comedogenic make-up
  7. Regularly remove your make-up and keep your skin clean

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When planning to buy a water filtration system, don’t rush for the first product you see. Also don’t go by the cheapest filtration system one could find. Remember, you are investing in your own health and stay away from compromising.

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