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Agile Methodology: Why Is It Important For Computing?

In recent years, both small and large software development companies have been able to produce more in less time and at lower cost. Much of this gain comes from the use and application of SAFe Agile training in Pennsylvania

The way professionals create software depends a lot on the objective to be achieved. Different types of systems need different development processes, and there are several models that can be used. These methods are called traditional, but there are already alternatives to do the same thing differently and more efficiently.

If you think about doing Computer Engineering and want to become a great software developer, you need to know the agile methodology and know how to apply it on a daily basis. For that, continue reading.

What is agile methodology?

Agile methodology is a philosophy and a model that presents alternatives to traditional project management and aims to improve the process of developing a service or product.

The term was created by a group of experts who came together with the aim of improving the performance of their projects and normalizing this independent method. It was from 2001 that the concept began to be applied in technology companies of different sizes.

The agile methodology emerged to innovate and improve the quality and delivery time of the system, ensuring customer satisfaction. For this, the approach is capable of making processes more efficient, increasing interactions and streamlining the workflow.

How it works?

Instead of being stuck with a permanent plan, the agile methodology works with a more flexible proposal that corresponds to the transformations that arise during the development of the software.

Several unforeseen events can occur during this process, such as the evolution of available technology or changes in customer ideas. To achieve good quality in this scenario, it is essential that the system follows these changes.

Agile methods also value teamwork and interaction between professionals in that environment. In this way, the tools and processes used are still important, but the relationship of people in the software development process ends up being more significant.

What are the types of agile software development methodologies?

There are different types of agile methodologies that can be applied in companies. Check out the main ones.

Dynamic Systems Development Method (DSDM)

DSDM is considered the original method of agile software development and is widely used around the world, although it is even more adopted in the UK. Even before the term agile was used, it already existed.

This methodology values ​​the incremental and iterative development, which highlights the continuous involvement of the users receiving the solution.


Widely used in United State, this agile development methodology framework focuses on managing tasks within a team-based development environment.

SCRUM is relatively simple to deploy and addresses the many complex management issues that often cause problems and concerns for development teams.

In summary, it is possible to say that the method establishes a certain discipline, which allows a closer monitoring of the project’s progress. Your deliveries can be even weekly, presenting faster value.

Extreme Programming (XP)

This is one of the most radical agile methodologies. Extreme Programming focuses more on the engineering process of solutions and approaches development, analysis and testing with innovative relationships, which make a lot of difference in the final quality of the systems.

Microsoft Solutions Framework (MSF)

MSF is the way many companies (even Microsoft, creator of the Framework) develop and manage their systems. This method values, among other factors, the partnership with the client.

As with other agile development methodologies, there is a culture of adjusting to change. In the Microsoft Solutions Framework, open communication is encouraged, generating transparency in the process.

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The Lean method focuses on greater efficiency. With constant integration and communication between professionals, it is able to adapt quickly to changes. For goals to be met, action takes precedence over planning. In this methodology, the ability to adapt is an essential competence to be developed by employees.

Why are methodologies important for software development?

Agile methodologies encourage communication between company sectors. In this way, the various professionals involved in software development processes interact with each other.

All participants must be included in the development process, from infrastructure technicians to the end customer, including computer engineers, analysts, programmers , users and testers. By using agile methods to create the system, project managers can make activities more interactive and with a chance of achieving the expected result in less time.

Another important point of the agile methodology is the new way of managing the teams that develop the software, especially by placing users as active participants in the definition of solutions.

How to apply an agile methodology for software development?

Agile methods should not be implemented halfway, as they can present problems and disrupt processes when not followed to the letter from beginning to end. To apply the methodology in the best way, it is important to consider some factors, including:

  • integrate IT and business so that developers can act more focused on the company’s strategic objectives;
  • master basic techniques before progressing to advanced ones as professionals gain experience;
  • learn lessons from all projects, always aspiring to improve in the next developments;
  • encourage and honor teamwork;
  • work to avoid technical gaps by configuring the necessary elements for refactoring;
  • prepare the team for transformations, as the idea of ​​continuous delivery requires constant changes in work practices;
  • Analyze which applications should be made with agile methodologies, as some are better suited to traditional, interactive or incremental methods.

It must be remembered that there is no one method of software development that is better than the other — there is the solution that best suits the needs of each company. Due to its importance, agile methodology is already applied in different business contexts and organizations from different segments that use agile tools adapted to their contexts.

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