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The automatic garage door is widely used because its handling is completely simple, however, very functional. The moment you decide to install one of these garage doors , you end up with some great benefits, one of which is space savings, because as the leaf can move horizontally (sliding gate) or vertically ( tilting gate ), you end up occupying no space, the gap is free and the leaf is suspended or hidden behind a wall, for example. Garage Door Service in Brisbane

Automatic garage door – Details…

These gates also allow the placement of a small door embedded in the leaf itself, so the user can access the interior of the house or company, either by activating the leaf or through the social door and vice versa.

Having an automatic gate of this type, you also end up providing a differentiated style, with a more beautiful aesthetic for your home or company, leaving the entrance to the res into extremely modern, elegant and harmonious.

Automatic garage door – Engine details…

Another interesting point is that these gates are quite easy to be automated, just by installing a motor. These engines are very compact and take up almost no space, in addition to being very durable and developed for this purpose. That way, you can count on equipment that will bring you great value for money.

automatic gate If you choose to automate your gate, you will have an excellent solution to protect yourself automatic garage door from rain or other natural phenomena, because you will not need to get out of your vehicle to open or close your automatic gate. Just activate the control from inside the car itself.

These motors can also be of slow or fast closing, depending on the choice when hiring the installation of the equipment. In the case of a tilting gate , it closes/opens in 15, 9 and 5 seconds!

The 5-second one is the fastest of all, so it is a little more expensive than the other two options, taking into account that it is a modern, state-of-the-art engine and has this very interesting differential. See the video below.

automatic gate These automatic gates can be coated with thick plates and applied to tubular profiles (Style line), they can also be coated in wood applications (completely closed or in a deck model). Castings with simple or complex designs in tubular profiles and, still the last option that would be closed with screens.

In terms of screens, there are several designs, the most used in the manufacture of automatic gates are: coin hole screen, diamond, rectangular, hexagonal, square hole, wavy screen automatic gate with corrugated screen, in short. Automatic Gates in Sydney

Automatic gates coated with these special screens, with the exception of the corrugated screen (figure on the right), are slightly more expensive than gates made of tubular profiles in their entirety. When they are manufactured and coated with corrugated fabrics (figure on the right), they are cheaper.

Speed ​​of motors in automatic up-and-over Garage Door Service :

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