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Bed Headboard: The Ideal Item to Change the Decor of Your Room!

With an infinite variety of materials, formats and style, the headboard is the perfect piece to enhance the room and make it more cozy and beautiful.

Let’s agree that until some time ago the rooms were somewhat monotonous and ordinary, as the beds were made of wood or steel and we didn’t have much choice; after all, the headboard was already attached.

On the other hand, with the arrival of box beds, we gained freedom and versatility when choosing the custom made headboards that will compose the decoration of the room, because we can choose the one that best matches our style and that best meets our space needs.

Although all this is very good, doubts can arise when purchasing a headboard, mainly due to the wide variety of materials, formats and styles. So, to help you in this mission and make your room more beautiful and cozy, we brought some important tips for you to make the right choice. Check out!

Headboard for what?

There are those who think that the headboard is an expendable and optional item, but this is not true! In addition to the decorative aspect, the headboard has many other features: it protects the wall from stains, dirt and scratches; serves as support when reading and; in some cases, it can be used to organize personal objects, as some models have drawers or shelves.

With so many functions, why not invest in a Bed Headboard?! And look, there are many options on the market with colonial, modern or rustic design; in addition to the different types of materials and coverings, such as wood, metal, suede, corano, and linen and so on, that is, there is something for all tastes, pockets, styles and needs, just put your creativity to work.

What is the ideal headboard size?

When deciding on a headboard, one of the doubts that arise is about the right size, as there are also several sizes of box mattresses. In fact, the ideal is for the headboard to be bigger or exactly the size of the bed, so you need to be aware of the measurement standards so you don’t make mistakes. Check it out below:

  • Single (0.88×1.88m);
  • Standard Couple (1.38×1.88m);
  • Queen couple (1.58×1.98m);
  • King couple (1.93×2.03m).

As for the headboard height, there is no standard, but it is important to consider the space of the room and the height of the ceiling. If the room is small or narrow, ideally, the headboard should be low, about 30 cm above the bed, and preferably with a uniform color. This makes the environment more cozy and elongated.

For medium or proportional rooms, this issue is much simpler, because the height of the head of the bed must be half the height of the wall. The calculation is easy: divide the height of the wall by two and that’s it; here’s the ideal size for your headboard. Oh, not to mention that in proportional rooms you can abuse the colors.

Choose the perfect headboard design for you

As we have already said, the diversity of models and materials of headboards can cause indecision at the time of purchase. So, check out some design and style options and choose the one that best suits you and your room decor!

The queen upholstered beds box with corano coating and tufted design has a checkered pattern and is perfect for those looking for modernity and style. The strong color gives personality to the environment, especially when combined with bedding with a similar tone.

Inspired by the colonial style, the headboard made of carbon steel is ideal for those who do not give up the traditional. In general, this style features more toned and detailed pieces. In addition, because it is more compact and clean, this type of headboard is perfect for smaller rooms, as it does not load the environment with a lot of information.

Another option for smaller rooms is the panel-style headboard, as this model is installed directly on the wall, without any support on the floor. This model in the photo, for example, has a minimalist design that adds beauty to the double bedroom, mainly because of the caption with covered buttons and the suede coating.

We cannot forget that the single bedroom also deserves a touch of beauty and functionality. Therefore, there is nothing better than a wooden headboard with a chest and niches, as you can keep everything in place and also add a touch of charm to the room.

Another very functional and equally beautiful model for a single bedroom is the wooden Bed Headboard with a nightstand attached to the piece. This is the right option for those who like to read a book before bed, and as a bonus, you can even support a lamp to further enhance the decor. This option is also available in the double version, look how beautiful:

This wooden double headboard has a modern and bold style, because it has a side table with two drawers. But what makes it even more incredible is its extendable design, as it has an opening adjustment for the servants, that is, adaptable to either a double or queen size bed. Too much, isn’t it?!

For those looking for something more in the panel style, this other model with a mirrored servant is also extendable. The fact that this headboard is suspended provides more free space and leaves the double bedroom full of personality and style.

And to finish, we brought a panel headboard option with a more rustic style, perfect for those who like this style or even for country houses.

The geometric pattern gives the impression of a jigsaw puzzle with interleaved 3D pieces which gives this headboard a modern rustic touch.

You see, it is not so difficult to make the room more cozy and full of charm. Just choose and invest in the right headboard. To see more about these and other items, click here and learn more about Coley home. To keep up with the latest furniture and decorations, follow us on Facebook and Instagram .

So, with these tips, is it easier to choose the ideal headboard for your bedroom? Then leave your comment!

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