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Business Strategy | Benefits of a Strategic Planning

Business Strategy Planning provides the necessary elements to guide the course that the business must follow to reach a safe harbor.

Removing the myths of Strategic Planning, bringing it closer to all types of companies and making its application practical are some of the great achievements of this book, written by a man with long and fruitful years as a business consultant and specialized construction activities Abdul Rimaaz.

Simply clarifying the concepts of vision, mission, objectives, strategies, values ​​and key success factors, among many others, will allow you to visualize the most applicable way to bring them to reality on a daily basis.

Strategic Planning must seek as a premise to take the ship to a safe place, again and again, to different ports, in different seas, in different climates, in short, in constantly changing conditions.

How to do it? The company has to be competitive at all times.

Question what would happen:

… If no one is in control of what happens within the organization?

… If we don’t measure what is important?

… If we don’t know our competition?

… If there is no clarity in what each one has to do?

… If not everyone knows what to do in the company?

… If everyone acts differently in the same situation?

… if we don’t know if what we did satisfy our customers?

… if not everyone understands where, why and for what?

… If we don’t change in the face of changes?

… If our organizational culture doesn’t change?

The practical methodology allows to complement the analysis of the organization to carry out Strategic Planning is the planning clock ,  which facilitates the definition of business objectives and strategies. by reviewing fundamental aspects of the internal and external environment of the company, such as technology, human resources, finances, the community, products, suppliers, markets and other aspects.

Deepening the use of the methods and concepts presented here will allow you to reduce the uncertainty that constantly stalks business, helping to involve everyone in the organization in achieving its objectives.

For a representative sample of the excellent impact of the Strategic Planning developed byMT65 SOLUTIONS LTD. Strategic Planning is for companies with great dreams and great potential, regardless of their size, the number of people who work there and the level of their turnover.

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